A Glimpse of Aquatic Life

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Feb 11, 2013 / 0 comments

With SCUBA diving, you get the chance to explore the great, slightly discovered, unknown world underwater.  With every dive taken underwater, you discover something new.  Whether it is new to you, or new to science, something is always to be found. 


playful seal, while SCUBA diving


Filming scuba diving trips into the ocean is one of the only ways to fully capture the unique experience of scuba diving.  Very few people are certified to SCUBA dive, and have no idea what experiences they are missing out on.  The film of my scuba diving trips were taken around various spots in the Galapagos, Ecuador, and Isla Coiba, Panama.  The aquatic lives that can be seen in these spots are abundant. With this video, it is easier to imagine the unimaginable world, underwater.






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Photo and video courtesy and copyright Shelby Lewis