Highlights of New Zealand

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New Zealand is at the top of the bucket list for most travel enthusiasts. Known for its incredibly diverse landscape and rich local culture, the country has a lot to offer to all of its visitors. Because of this, it can be difficult to pick which tourist attractions to visit, as seeing all of them is simply not possible. If you would like to discover New Zealand, here are some of our top picks to visit.

Highlights of New Zealand

Bay of Islands

Consisting of over 144 islands, the Bay of Islands is one of the most breathtaking locations New Zealand has to offer, making it also one of the most popular among tourists. The local scenery alone is worth a visit, with its bright blue waters and unique rock formations. However, the Bay of Islands is also a popular place for water sports, such as snorkeling, kayaking, and sailing. The nutrient-rich waters are home to penguins, whales,and dolphins, which you will be lucky enough to witness in their natural habitat.

Bay of Islands. From Highlights of New Zealand

Auckland city

As the largest city in the country as well as an international air travel hub, you will most likely land in Auckland when you first arrive in New Zealand. While you may be eager to start exploring the incredible nature of New Zealand, it is recommended to spend a day or two strolling around Auckland. The vibrant and bustling city is full of activities and attractions to see, including local museums, galleries, parks and markets. Don’t forget to also try the local cuisine in one of the many multicultural restaurants.

Auckland city. From Highlights of New Zealand

Rotorua in the North Island

If you would like to see something truly extraordinary, Rotorua is the place to be. Rotorua is an active geothermal region, where you will witness such anomalies as steaming thermal springs, volcanic craters, hot mud pools and erupting geysers. The area is full of amazing attractions and, if you decide to go on a local tour, you can learn about the fascinating Maori culture, too. Besides witnessing the astonishing nature of Rotorua, you may also enjoy a swim in the mineral springs.

Rotorua in the North Island. From Highlights of New Zealand

Waitomo Glowworm Caves

Another unique and once-in-a-lifetime experience in New Zealand is the Waitomo Glowworm Caves. These are essentially caves filled with thousands of glowworms illuminating the pitch-black space - the clue is in the name. While it may sound odd to begin with, it is a super interesting phenomenon that you can learn about while on a boat tour through the caves. Besides that, there are other picturesque rock formations, caves and waterfalls to explore around the area. There are not many other places in the world where you can experience such unique landscapes and glowworm caves.

Waitomo Glowworm Caves. From Highlights of New Zealand

Aoraki Mount Cook National Park

Last but not least, the Aoraki Mount Cook National Park is one of the most famous national parks in New Zealand. Home to the highest mountain in the country, Aoraki, and the longest glacier, Tasman, the beauty of the landscape is out-of-this-world. The Aoraki Mount Cook National Park is the perfect place for a day out hiking and getting back in touch with nature. Not only that, the place is of spiritual value to the locals, which makes it that much more special to visit.

Aoraki Mount Cook National Park. From Highlights of New Zealand


Highlights of New Zealand