How to Eat Fried Grasshoppers

by Anders Bruihler / Mar 03, 2013 / 1 comments

If you’ve ever wondered how to eat fried grasshoppers, here is the answer to that problem.  I had fried grasshoppers (well actually a fried grasshopper) in Siem Riep, Cambodia (near Angkor Wat), and have made an easy to understand guide with just 14 steps. 


How to eat fried grasshoppers - a guide


At the bottom is an example video of me trying them for the first time.  I found it very spicy, but it didn’t taste that bad.  Although I was curious about them, the only reason I ate it was to have a great story to tell! 


How to eat fried grasshoppers - a guide



How to Eat Fried Grasshoppers



1.    Purchase the fried grasshoppers at your nearest exotic food vendor.  If you are in Asia, beware, as they may be very spicy. 

2.    Spread them out on a plate.  If you have a weak stomach, a large bowl or bucket might be useful too. 

3.    Now would be the perfect time to get out your camera, or ask someone to record this important moment. 

4.    (Optional)  You may wish to take off the grasshopper wings.  If so, pinch them with your thumb and forefinger and pull them off.  This makes them stick in your throat less. 

5.    Take a tiny nibble off one end (head or butt, doesn’t matter), and realize the only thing you can taste is the spiciness. 

6.    Raise the grasshopper up to your mouth, and make one last grimace for the camera.

7.    Open your mouth and… close it and put the grasshopper down. 

8.    Summon more courage and pick it up again. 

9.    Make one more grimace, and pop it in. 

10.    Chew it slowly several times as you try not to gag. 

11.    Choke it down, and make a triumphant expression at the camera.

12.    (Optional)  Run off to the bathroom if necessary. 

13.    Go get a big drink of water to wash the last of the grasshopper, and spice, down.

14.    Proudly post on Facebook, Twitter, and wherever else that you have successfully eaten fried grasshoppers.  Upload the video also as proof, and watch as the likes and comments start to roll in. 

This concludes my How to Eat Fried Grasshoppers guide!  I hope you found it useful, and here is a short instructional video. 





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