How to Create a Groundbreaking Travel Website

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If you are considering starting a website covering any subject, you have probably seen the alarming statistic that there could easily be over two million blog posts written and uploaded to the internet on a daily basis. This kind of information can be discouraging, as it could mean that a new blog is not likely to attract many readers. However, the fact that new blogs are being started every day actually means that there is a chance that if you create a travel website, you may still be successful. 

With the kind of competition in the blogging space, it becomes clear that only those sites that are groundbreaking will see sustained success. There are a few things you’ll need to consider if you want to start a travel website that will defy the competition.

How to Create a Groundbreaking Travel Website

Be creative 

Without being creative, you are likely to produce something that has already been produced. If your website is new but fails to bring anything fresh, there is no reason for people to leave the blogs of their choice and start following yours. 

During these days of templates, it’s easy for bloggers to believe that all they need to do is to go out there and get the right content. While having a template to start with makes your work easier, you still have to offer what others are not. 

There are a few practical things you can do to indicate creativity and show personality. For instance, make your travel website interactive. This could be done to allow readers to post images of their own travel and encounters. Ask them to rate images on your site and declare a winning image per month. Even though you may not offer prizes, many people generally are happy with the bragging rights.

Follow your passions—creatively. If you love coffee, make a travel website that features coffeeshops around the world. What is your creative passion?

How to Create a Groundbreaking Travel Website

Make it about the reader 

While it may be great to create a website where you can boast nonstop about the places you have visited, people generally tend to be attracted to things that make them feel important. Visitors to your blog will not feel important if all you do is tell them about how you flew first class between Dubai and New York because you work so hard for your money and have to spoil yourself. 

If your idea is to describe the first class cabin from Dubai to New York, why not invite readers who have travelled in it to tell the story on your behalf. There are many people who will love to tell a story like that. This also gives your website some credibility and share different experiences. 

Clarify the benefit 

Our capitalist society generally creates people who want to secure their own interests first before they consider those of others. What this means is that when people get involved in anything, they start by asking themselves the question, “What is in it for me?” If your travel website is going to be successful, this is a question you will need to consider. 

The ability to answer the question “What is in it for me?” will start with you working on understanding your audience. So, before you even select the kind of website you want to use, you have to be clear about who you want to attract. A template that would work for wealthy travellers who use first class cabins on flights to their private islands will probably not be the best for the budget traveller who is looking for a backpacker’s lodge in a crowded city. 


No matter what you do in life, every day is a day to learn. People will leave comments on your site and some may be difficult to swallow. However, those comments that you may think are harsh could be the ones that teach you your best lessons.

Interact with your readers, whether they give positive feedback or not, and show that you are ready to learn from them. 

Work on your travel writing! No one will read poorly-written content.

How to Create a Groundbreaking Travel Website

While there are many travel websites out there, you can still create a successful one from scratch. All you need is to be creative and not just accept available templates blindly. Selecting the right way of creating and running your website will ensure that it resonates with the kind of audience you want to attract...hence the importance of knowing your audience.  

How to Create a Groundbreaking Travel Website