How to Take A High-Speed Rail Trip In Italy

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Italy...the land of gastronomy and cool Mediterranean waters is currently the third most visited country in Europe. The captivating country is divided into 20 different regions, and is interconnected by an extensive rail system that is not only efficient, but also budget friendly. Fast trains, such as Italo and Trenitalia, are apt for a quick commute between the major cities of the country. The Rome to Venice high speed train has a brief travel time of 3 hours and 45 minutes, and the other cities share a similar transit pace.

How to Take A High-Speed Rail Trip In Italy

The Le Frecce Trains

This high-speed train network in Italy is managed by the state railway company called Trenitalia. The purple line in their rail system is exclusively reserved for the fast trains, called Le Frecce, which literally translates to arrows. The seats are reserved on booking the tickets according to the payments made for the first and second classes. There are three Frecce trains that transit between major cities such as Milan, Rome, Venice, and Naples, making an ideal day trip for those looking for a quick getaway. However, the tickets to these high-speed trains are a bit on the higher side when compared to the other regional rail networks, but they can be booked well in advance for a cheaper price.

Italo treno  

Italo trains are privately owned by a company, called Nuovo Trasporto Viaggiatori, that competes with the state-owned rail system for a speedy commute. It takes about pretty much the same route and time as the Frecce trains to reach Venice from Rome. The seats are divided into three classes in Italo trains, and are referred to as smart, prima, and club. Digital displays on these trains notify the travellers about the destination arrived. The Italo treno has the upper hand in the area of luxury and comfort. Food is served on board for a nominal price, and the train usually hits the secondary stations in all the major cities for turbulent free access, thus saving a few extra minutes. 

How to Take A High-Speed Rail Trip In Italy

Rome to Venice

The Frecciargento and Italo trains are ideal for a faster commute between the capital city and the floating city. Both the high-speed lines run at an impressive 250 km/hr speed, completing the journey within 4 hours. All the Trenitalia trains start their first departure by 6 in the morning from the Termini station in Rome, and stop at Venice’s Santa Lucia station. While an economy class ticket costs around 80 euros in Italo treno, Trenitalia charges around 89 euros. Tickets to both the trains can be bought at a reduced rate with an advance online booking. Both the companies provide Wifi, power sockets, refreshments, and video screens in their trains, along with an overhead bin for storing baggage.

How to Take A High-Speed Rail Trip In Italy

The commute across the small towns and charming landscapes of Umbria and Tuscany on the way to Venice surely makes the train journey worthwhile. 2-3 trains depart the Termini station every hour to Venice, making the high-speed trains the most convenient form of transport within Italy. So, how about planning a rail trip in Italy for your next vacation!?