How to transform any destination into a romantic getaway

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Planning a romantic trip can sometimes prove hard to do - especially if your finances are a little low and you can’t take your partner to a Michelin-starred restaurant or fly somewhere tropical. But what you should always try and remember is that it’s not about where you go, but the effort you put into making that getaway into something extra special for you and your other half.

Here are a few handy tips that will help you transform any destination into a romantic getaway. 

How to transform any destination into a romantic getaway


This is the part that is going to take up the most of your time. The first thing you need to do is think about what your partner finds exciting and interesting and use it to plan your getaway. For example, if it’s the beach, go the coast. Plan day trips, go out for drinks at a cocktail bar, or spend the day being pampered at a spa. Maybe they love the outdoors? Include that in your destination research. Travel Republic has lots of great flights and hotel offers for couples, so take a look.

Plan some surprises 

One of the perfect ways to create that romantic atmosphere wherever you go is to surprise your loved one throughout the trip. They don’t have to be big or expensive surprises - in fact, making them relatively cost-effective can make them sentimental. Things like buying special chocolate, ordering a favourite bottle of wine to the table at dinner, or taking a simple afternoon walk across the beach with ice cream goes a long way. But if you really do want to go all out and splash the cash, grab the most expensive bottle of champagne you can find, a dozen red roses, and enjoy a night of lavish luxuries. What does your partner love? Scatter them with surprises!
Here are 100 ways to show your love with simple gestures if you want some inspiration.

Sunrise or sunset?

Even though it sounds a little cliché, you really can’t go wrong with watching the sun rise or set. It is such a lovely and romantic experience - not to mention it’s free. Pick a time of the day that is best for your partner's habits, because if they’re not a morning person they will not appreciate being woken up in the early hours to watch the sunrise (trust me on this, says the night owl). Choose a moment that suits both of you so that you enjoy your time together. 

How to transform any destination into a romantic getaway

It’s the little things

This might sound an obvious piece of advice, but one that most of us forget from time to time: take the time and remember to say, ‘I love you.’ Everyone needs to hear it, and holding hands as you walk down new streets, smiling, or stealing a quick kiss in a cafe can make your other half feel cherished.

How to transform any destination into a romantic getaway

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Remember that a romantic getaway can be any holiday that sees you and your partner spending some quality time together. Even cuddling up together in the hotel room watching TV and laughing, or walking in the snow (with or without a snowball fight) will become cherished memories. 

How to transform any destination into a romantic getaway

What are your favorite ways to create a romantic getaway?