Interesting Things to See on a Road Trip

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As an amateur photographer, I always have my camera on me. I never know when I'll see something that strikes my fancy, or where I'll be when such fancy is struck. Sometimes you see things worth capturing in the least likely place…such as from your passenger seat in a car during a fourteen hour 'no stops unless the car is out of gas' road trip…which means taking a picture while in motion. Some things are just too good to pass up, even at seventy miles an hour. (And even through dirty bug-splattered windows.) When you love photography, you'll do anything to get that photo.

So maybe most photobugs would have pulled over, but you weren't road tripping with who I was road tripping with – a man, my father, who was displeased to learn I couldn’t drive with U-Haul dragging behind us. Not because I couldn’t (although, slightly because I’d never done so and I didn’t really want to learn), but because the winds were so strong even he was having a difficult time driving.

Additionally, it had to be a one day 'let's get there' trip because our destination had greater plans in store for us. We were going to be moving into our newly-bought kabin - (Yes, with a K, because as the Keeping Up With the Kardashians started it, we have to be an alliteration - Krueger Kabin).

While I loved taking pictures of our kabin, it was the pictures I took during my road trip that seemed to have stuck out more to me than if we’d stopped to frame each photo.

The things you'll see on the side of the road can be quite interesting...

cheese and ice cream. From Interesting Things to See on a Road Trip

This picture was taken somewhere in Wisconsin (sorry - a lot looks alike when you're half-sleeping through endless fields). What stood out to me is what they're trying to sell. Ice cream and cheese. I love both, more than any normal person, especially when that cheese is on top of pizza, but I found selling them together was strange combination. But when our options for lunch were pathetic – gas station food or nada – the cheese and ice cream sounded a lot more appealing.

got milk?. From Interesting Things to See on a Road Trip

Originally I thought the truck in front of us was carrying gasoline, so I found it funny that it would ask 'Got Milk?'. Turns out, it was a milk truck, which ruined some of the fun I'd had when taking it, but if you don't know any better (which you now do, unfortunately) it can still be a funny sight. 

TPd. From Interesting Things to See on a Road Trip

TPd. From Interesting Things to See on a Road Trip

By far the most interesting and strange thing I saw was in the little town of Lena, Wisconsin - I had to learn the name of this place. Almost 1/3 of the houses had been TPed! I'm no stranger to seeing houses TPed (I might have participated in one or two, back in the day), but never so many in a condensed area. There were rolls and rolls of toilet paper decorating the trees and houses; I could only imagine how much the TPers spent on this extravaganza. Even a mile outside of town we were still seeing blown away strands.

While if someone were to have TPed my house, I would be in a bit of tizzy, I would have loved to congratulate the TPers on their hard work and dedication. A whole town is an accomplishment, even if the not the most resume-worthy accomplishment.

Lake Michigan. From Interesting Things to See on a Road Trip

Driving through the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, you're bound to see Lake Michigan (well, depending on your destination). Normally a lake I never see (I prefer Lake Huron - sorry!) it was nice to capture it, especially since when I've visited Lake Michigan, it has always been from the lower peninsula view. And I saw a whole lot of it. Almost the entire drive had a scenic view of the big lake – not bad, although I wouldn’t have minded seeing a few more rest stops or fast food. Two hours with few in-between is good for a hungry person.

Mackinac Bridge. From Interesting Things to See on a Road Trip

Connecting the upper and lower Peninsula is the Mackinac Bridge. Since we were road tripping with U-Haul behind us, and Mother Nature had produced strong winds, we were only able to drive 20mph over the bridge - compared to the normal speed of 45. Everyone driving behind us wasn’t too pleased, but we valued our lives more than going overboard. We also valued our smarts that they were lacking – they could have gone into the other lane.

Sunset, road trip. From Interesting Things to See on a Road Trip

Sunsets are my absolute favorite things to photograph. While many can look the same, I love the looks of clouds wisping into the sunset, or adding a different dimension of color to the sky. Unfortunately, when the sunsets, it means no more pictures unless I want a window-reflected flash.

Madison, WI. From Interesting Things to See on a Road Trip

Unfortunately, all road trips must come to an end. Or a pause. My dad and I stopped in Madison, Wisconsin (driving a complete and dysfunctional circle around Lake Michigan), for a football game. En route to our hotel, I still saw some interesting things. Such as the capitol building.

free chokes. From Interesting Things to See on a Road Trip

And free chokes. Thankfully, no one was taking up the offer. Although, I can’t image too many who would.

spotted cow boat, Lake Mendota, WI. From Interesting Things to See on a Road Trip

Madison is near Lake Mendota, where this spotted-cow boat was out on the water for one final run before the cold front came in. What an udderly cute boat.



What's the most interesting thing you've seen on a road trip?





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