It's a Fact: Moving Overseas Will Make You Smile

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May 23, 2011 / 0 comments

In honor of National Smile Month, I'd like to talk about one of our new projects  - and 5 reasons how moving overseas can make you SMILE.

We're putting together a series of new books on Moving to Southeast Asia. Look for them: nuts & bolts guides to moving to SEA, written by people who have moved - and thrive - there. Our authors run the gamut of experiences, from moving to Southeast Asia as a family, to long-term residents/journalists/volunteers/English teachers. The one common denominator is that they all LOVE being there.  Our first book in the series is out - take a look: The Definitive Guide to Moving to Southeast Asia: Cambodia.


It's a fact: Moving overseas will make you smile!


How can moving overseas make YOU smile?


First, you'll experience life in another culture - both the joys and challenges. You'll learn a new language, discover new bakeries, libraries, restaurants, beaches, bookstores, languages - and friends. We have no idea the people that will enter and influence our lives - but we DO know that when we move overseas, we exponentially increase the number of new friends we'll make.


Second, change is good. It helps you grow, and keeps you on your toes. Haggling in the wet market in Penang? It'll make you smile - as will the wonderful things you bring home to eat.


Third, you'll expand your worldview - and that of your family. You'll see new places, learn about new cultures and people, explore ancient ruins and modern shopping malls. You'll discover new scuba diving spots, antique markets, rules and regulations, ways of being in the world.


Fourth, you'll move away from the hectic pace of your current life. You'll get out of your work and family rut, the daily grind that somehow manages to stay the same - including your stress levels. If you've got a plan (or savings), you can work less, and enjoy life more.


Fifth, the cost of living overseas can be much less than where you are now. If you choose to move to, say, Southeast Asia, your costs can decrease exponentially. You can have a higher standard of living for much less - and with less stress, you'll be smiling for sure.




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Every month a group of expert, independent travel bloggers converge on a single topic in a Travel Blog Mob. Our topic for this month? National Smile Month. Check back for links and GREAT articles!

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