5 Great Coffeeshops in San Francisco

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Move over Seattle, San Francisco is on your caffeinated heels. Coffee is the lifeblood of most Americans, with 83 percent considering themselves coffee-drinkers. Whether you want coffee in the morning or afternoon, from a coffee shop or a regular eatery that offers coffee, chains like Starbucks are becoming just as commonplace as McDonald's. But, San Franvisco urges you to cut the chains and try out some of these top local coffee houses in the area next time you're around. Coffee? It might even be reason itself to take a trip out to San Francisco (here's our itinerary for a long weekend).

Here are 5 Great Coffeeshops in San Francisco

5 Great Coffeeshops in San Francisco

Caffe Trieste

Move Over Seattle. San Francisco is Rising to be Coffee King

Allegedly unchanged since the 1950s, this coffee stop cafe hosts more than coffee, including live music like Saturday afternoon opera. If you fall in love with this Italian cafe, you can purchase some beans to take home with you so that you close your eyes, take a sip at the breakfast table, and pretend you're in the heart of San Fransisco again. If you're interested in a blast from the past, check out their website. 


You can't miss this bright green building on Mission street. The simple name suits this shop, because its coffee does all the talking. Whether you choose their 36-hour, cold-brew coffee with coffee ice cubes or an eye-opening espresso shot, you can't go wrong at CoffeeShop. Served alongside baked goods, you'll find locally brewed coffee that stays true to its roots. Simple name for simple coffee — none of that "Frappa-Mocha-Loca-Ccino" stuff.

Wicked Grounds

This coffee house isn't for the faint-hearted. An 18-and-up only coffee bar, Wicked Grounds is home to coffee and fetish-themed events and purchasables. From kinky stationary, to "coffee and waffles," you never know what you might find when you walk through this door. But, the reviews are so great, you might never want to leave. 

"If you like a side of kink with your drink, this is your spot for a cup of joe," a Google reviewer said.

The Mill

Along with making a great cup of steaming coffee, The Mill serves baked goods that will tickle your taste buds. Their fresh daily bread comes from their own German mill. Try their "famous $4 toast," slathered in Nutella to remind you of your childhood youth or almond butter for a healthy protein-packed start to your day. Their toast and coffee combination just might be enough reason to stay in town for a day. Or two. Or five.

Piccino Coffee Bar

If Piccino's adorable decor doesn't pull you in, the smell of fresh coffee from the streets will. The menus change frequently with the seasonal offerings, so check the website before you go. This coffee bar can get busy, so you may want to make a reservation in advance. They also offer wine if you're looking for a heavier way to wind down after your caffeine-fueled, productive day. Piccino Coffee Bar is more than a coffee bar — it's a haven.

Whether you're looking for a simple cup of Joe while meandering the streets of San Francisco, or you want a devilish reason to take a trip out to San Francisco, the city has some of the best coffee shops in the U.S.

What's your favorite SF coffeeshop?


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