Dreaming of Moving to Italy? Start here:

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Your dream is to move to Italy...now where to begin?! This VIRTUAL crash course on how to move to Italy is one-on-one with Ashley & Jason Bartner (owners of La Tavola Marche), American expats living in Italy for almost 15 years. We personalize each workshop based on your goals, timeline, and questions, and offer you the tools & insider information you need for a successful start to your new life in Italy! We have a structured workshop that we will follow, but at the same time, keep it open to where the calls may lead depending on your situation/questions. This will be an honest, informative, humorous, engaging, and inspiring series of calls over four days.

Dreaming of Moving to Italy? Start here

In 2007, at the age of 26, we moved from Brooklyn, NY to rural Italy; it took us 18 months from our first trip & the idea of starting a business to living in Italy with a Self-Employed VISA. Of course, you can read endless Facebook posts, but why not get your information from our real life experiences, successes, failures, and lessons learned?

Buying a holiday home, planning for your retirement, or starting a business...it's all in the preparation and understanding how Italy really works. This intimate workshop will answer all your burning questions, including How do I find the right property? Buy vs. Rent? What do I need to move? How do I begin? Will I make friends or be accepted locally? What's the deal with the 1 Euro homes or the 110% Bonus?

Dreaming of Moving to Italy? Start here

We provide you with a road map for this journey to make your dream of living in Italy a reality! 

Choose between:

* The Full Workshop (4 calls, 7 hours)

* The Q&A Call (90 minutes)

Dreaming of Moving to Italy? Start here

The Full Virtual Workshop Details:
4 Days of 1:1 Virtual seminars/workshops broken into 3 Phases: Preparation, Transition, & Execution/Assimilation
* Create a timeline
* Immigration & The VISA Process
* Finding the Perfect Property: Buy vs. Rent & How to Negotiate
* Set a Budget - this is for everyone, starting a business or looking to retire
* How to Start a Business in Italy (if applicable)
* Defining your Niche & Identifying your Clients (if applicable)
* Logistics of the Move 
* Transitioning to a New Way of Life in Italy & Everyday Italian Culture

The Workshop will span 7 hours over 4 calls/sessions
* An introduction call to get to know each other and learn more about your plans so we can customize & personalize the material.
* 3 calls/sessions of 2 hours

How to connect? Whatever is best for you - Skype, WhatsApp, Facetime
When? Schedule the calls out to fit your schedule - get it done in a week or space it out over a month. You'll be sent a link to our virtual workshop calendar and you can fill in your preferred call times. The course must be completed within 30 days of your first call/session.

Materials Included:
Workshop Slide-Show pdf. with the full presentation
Immigration & Business Resources, Links & Helpful Terms
Business Plan Template (f applicable)
Branding & Starting Business Worksheets (f applicable)

Dreaming of Moving to Italy? Start here

1 - 90 minute session/call for up to two.
Undecided?...Just dabbling, dreaming, maybe one day? Curious if this for you?
Get a general overview of things to consider before you begin as well as organize your ideas/plans to be more efficient in your research. This is 90 minutes for you to ask as many questions as time permits and to give you insight on simply, where to begin!
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