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Read This: A Passion for Japan

I've got a book for you that will bring you such joy! A Passion for Japan, edited by John Rucynski, is both an ode to building community, and an interesting, in-depth ethnographic look at being a long-term expat resident in Japan. I LOVE it.

Read This: A Passion for Japan

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Doing Business in China? 19 Cultural Differences You Should Know

Are you conversant with western cultures but seeking opportunities in China? One of the things you should know is that there are profound cultural differences between the U.S and China.

Here is your guide to intercultural success in doing business in China.

From Doing Business in China? 19 Cultural Differences You Should Know. Hands on a laptop, with USA and China flags and documents on the table.

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Dreaming of Moving to Italy? Start here:

Your dream is to move to Italy...now where to begin?! This VIRTUAL crash course on how to move to Italy is one-on-one with Ashley & Jason Bartner (owners of La Tavola Marche), American expats living in Italy for almost 15 years. We personalize each workshop based on your goals, timeline, and questions, and offer you the tools & insider information you need for a successful start to your new life in Italy!

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Travel Expert's Practical Advice for Moving Abroad

What would it be like to move to a new country, not to visit but to live there, to relocate your life?

Travel Expert's Practical Advice for Moving Abroad

Maybe that's a long time plan you are researching. Perhaps it's a passing dream you've thought of now and then. Maybe A Better Life for Half the Price, the title of Tim Leffel's book, has you curious.

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Apartment Hunting? Here are 5 Things to Consider

If you had lots of money to burn, you wouldn’t be worried about finding an apartment to rent, wherever you are in the world. In fact, you would just buy your own property and be done with the nerve-wracking hassle of house hunting for good. However, if you have a budget that you have to operate within, then being practical with your objectives is not an option.

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Healing Through Love: The Journey of Rediscovering Joy

Rarely do we come across a book that truly teaches us about ourselves as humans, through the waves that life tosses us amongst. Luckily for us, I'm happy to share a book that does just that - Lisa Overman's new memoir, Healing Through Love: The Journey of Rediscovering Joy. In her book, Overman shares a lifetime of experiences (as memoirs do), but then departs from the standard path of memoir into deep intercultural insight.

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7 Habits of a Happy Expat

Have you ever thought of what makes some expatriates happy and others not really?  After coaching many expatriate clients I came to realize that there are 7 factors that can impact the happiness level of an expat. I compiled those together and organized them into THE WINNING SEVEN™: 7 HABITS OF A HAPPY EXPAT:

7 Habits of a Happy Expat

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To expat or not to expat: 3 tips to help you decide

If you are considering teaching abroad, how do you make the decision if living abroad is for you?  How do you choose the country where you’d want to live and teach?  What do you need to consider before taking the plunge?

And while there will be a myriad of factors to take into account when making this important decision to expat or not, I’d like to offer you the three tips I find fundamental in such a big decision.

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Things to look into before choosing your child’s school

Finding the right school is one of the most important decisions that all of us parents may struggle with every time we’re in the situation. In this article, we’ll provide you with some counsel, which should help you in making the right decision.

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Want to Live a Sustainable Life Abroad? Find What You Love

It's a dream for many - moving to another country that they love, and then finding (or creating) meaningful work. It might be teaching English, leading food tours, freelancing, or becoming a travel advisor or agent to share the local culture, arts, and music with travelers. Some of these paths are definitely easier than others, in terms of visas, costs, and income. Let’s dig in.