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Read This: 100 Things To Do In Iowa Before You Die

If you've never learned how interesting Iowa is, now's your chance! We're so happy to share a new book by author Sara Broers, entitled 100 Things To Do In Iowa Before You Die. This fascinating book is chock full of cool things about a state you might not know much about (raises hand!). Once you dig in, you'll be amazed at how MUCH there is to do, explore, and see in this cool midwest state. 

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Read This: The Clean Daughter: A Cross-Continental Memoir

One of the best things about reading memoir is the opportunity to discover and learn from life stories. How would we act in a similar situation? What can we take away when learning from these lives? 

Such is the case with an extraordinary new memoir by author Jill Kandel (whom our wandering educators will remember from our interview with her about her book So Many Africas: Six Years in a Zambian Village).

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Healing Through Love: The Journey of Rediscovering Joy

Rarely do we come across a book that truly teaches us about ourselves as humans, through the waves that life tosses us amongst. Luckily for us, I'm happy to share a book that does just that - Lisa Overman's new memoir, Healing Through Love: The Journey of Rediscovering Joy. In her book, Overman shares a lifetime of experiences (as memoirs do), but then departs from the standard path of memoir into deep intercultural insight.

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A Taste of Paris: A History of the Parisian Love Affair with Food

Do you follow one of my favorite authors? David Downie, a native San Franciscan, lived in New York, Providence, Rome, and Milan before moving to Paris in the mid-80s. He divides his time between France and Italy. His travel, food, and arts features have appeared in leading print and on-line publications including Bon Appétit, Gourmet, Saveur,, and Gault & Millau, the premier French food guide. He is the author of over a dozen nonfiction books, including the highly acclaimed Paris, Paris and A Passion for Paris.