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Through the Eyes of an Educator: Global Citizenship

by Stacey Ebert / Mar 08, 2022 /
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Today’s world is a chaotic mess of everything. Within the past few years, we’ve dealt with plagues, weather disasters, political unrest, domestic madness, international issues, and all sorts of mayhem. Throughout the past two years of the COVID pandemic, we’ve regularly heard the mantra we’re all in this together. In truth, sadly, we’ve seen much nationalism take precedence over global community compassion.

American Elementary School Kids to Meet Their French Video Pals in Paris

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Sixteen elementary school students from Nature’s Way Montessori School in Knoxville, Tennessee will travel to Paris, France on October 4, 2018 to meet their French online video pals from Jean Zay Elementary School in Paris for a week-long French/American cultural exchange program. While in Paris, the Knoxville students will tour the city, visit the Pompidou Center Museum, and spend one night with their host families. 

Global Education: How to Conquer Global Intolerance

by Dacey Loving / Sep 07, 2017 /
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Global Education: How to Conquer Global Intolerance

Through the Eyes of an Educator: The World

by Stacey Ebert / Feb 07, 2017 /
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I have a close friend with a thirteen year old. This month, she and her spouse and many like them are headed to high school orientation. As someone who used to plan those exact orientations, I know there are thoughts swirling around the heads of new to secondary school parents, like ‘how is it possible to have a high school age student – we were only thirteen yesterday, right?” This is the age I understand. This is the age group that my educational experience can help.

What I Learned from a 10 Day Trip to Japan

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The idea of travelling abroad alone has always intrigued me, because I believe I could discover so much about the country and myself with tremendous amount of flexibility. Japan seems like the perfect place for female solo travelers, given its safety, convenience, and culinary satisfactions. Nevertheless, I have to admit that the only knowledge I had of Japan was obtained from a couple of Pokémon episodes I watched during my childhood, if that qualifies as part of Japanese culture.

Crocodile Love: Unusual People Who Made Remarkable Trips

by Dr. Jessie Voigts / Mar 01, 2016 /
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Imagine traveling for over a year on your honeymoon - exploring family history, traveling off the tourist trail, and making a difference by volunteering long term. How would that affect your new marriage? In Sutay and Josh Berman's case, everything.

Crocodile Love: Unusual People Who Made Remarkable Trips

9 Cultural Faux Pas to Avoid in Taiwan

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Though we might have the best of intentions, it’s all too easy to commit cultural faux pas while abroad.