A Non-Traditional Holiday

by Lexa Pennington /
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Dec 04, 2012 / 0 comments

While some people gather round for the holidays with loved ones, what if you don't have any family to celebrate with? Or, what if it is one of those years where you just need to get away, and BE? Or, one of those years where you go (all of you, if you so desire) somewhere fun, and have a non-traditional holiday? Need some suggestions?


non-traditional holiday


Here are my top tips for planning a non-traditional holiday:


1.    If you’re going as a group, make sure everyone is on board. There’s nothing like planning a huge family vacation to Hawaii, only to find out that it’s someone’s turn with the in-laws, or that your great-aunt Mildred refuses to be anywhere but home. While it might be special to many of you, taking a family non-traditional holiday might not be the best option for ALL of you.


2.    Decide where to go. If you live somewhere warm, you might decide to holiday in a snowy destination. If you live somewhere cold, and are longing for a beach holiday, then head somewhere warm.


3.    Decide when to go. Ascertain when you have time off of work, and schedule any days off as soon as possible. Learn the busiest days of where you’re going to travel – maybe right on the holidays is emptier (or packed) and decide when you want to be there.


4.    Price it out. If you’re traveling by yourself, and have booked a budget flight, then you’re good to go with your own dates, times, and prices. If you’re traveling with a group, it’s a responsible idea to find low cost airlines, so that the trip fits everyone’s budget. See if you can find package deals, which are often bundled together for a much lower price.


5.    Do your research. Find out if some restaurants or activities will be closed during the holidays. You don’t want to get somewhere, and have a holiday meal in mind, with no restaurants or grocery stores open. You won’t want to plan a golf vacation when the course is closed for the holidays. You will want to plan a ski vacation around snow, so check the weather and (yearly almanacs for trends).


non-traditional holidays


6.    Have fun! It’s nice to take a break from the norm, and create new holiday memories. The next year, you might appreciate your regular holiday traditions even more – or want more non-traditional holiday experiences!