Paying For Study Abroad Trips While in College

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College is an exciting time for anyone lucky enough to take part in it. But it is expensive. Whether it's campus housing, books, general tuition, dining options, or any of a dozen other college expenses, these things add up. These expenses pile up at a time when young people are least able to pay for them. Most college students don't have much income while they're in school, and there is little spare time to make money, anyway. When a student wants to study abroad, that's when the budget can get REALLY tight.

Fortunately there are some reliable ways to pay for a study abroad opportunity. We'll cover some of the best options below.

Paying For Study Abroad Trips While in College

Get a Job That Lets You Study 

If you don't have many spare hours in your day, but you have to have money coming in, it's important to find a job that allows you to study while you are on the clock. Options include watching the front desk at a gym or being a greeter or receptionist at a hotel or other business. These jobs can bring in some extra money that you can put away for your trip abroad, while you do the studying you need to do to pass your classes. If you think about it, it's kind of like getting paid to study. And while you might have to take the occasional break to do some actual workplace work, most of your time can be devoted to your studies.

Teach English

One of the best ways to make money while studying abroad is to teach English while you are there. Study abroad programs are not usually as demanding as the one back home. This is by design. Study abroad programs have unique challenges all their own, meaning that they can't require quite as much of your time as your college back home. These programs also want to allow you time to enjoy the new place you're living. If you have to work too much, you wouldn't get to explore at all. These free hours give you time to tutor other people in English. These encounters will also give you the opportunity to improve your skills in the language of the people you are living among.

Grant, Scholarships, and Loans

Grants, scholarships, and student loans are all designed to give you a lump sum to pay for your studies, allowing you the free time later on to read, listen, and learn. If you have an upcoming study abroad opportunity, it will probably be worth your time to apply to these well ahead of time. A single scholarship or grant could be enough to pay for your entire trip, so while these applications may be demanding, they will be worth the effort farther down the road.

Paying For Study Abroad Trips While in College

It's hard to make money as a college student. For those people who need to finance their living and journeys during a study abroad program, there are limited options. But if you can make one of these work, you should be able to afford to go overseas to learn more about your field of interest. This is one of the most important investments in your future you can make.