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Oct 26, 2012 / 0 comments

When faced with the question “What is your passion in photography?” a hundred different topics sprung to mind.  After sifting through some of my photos, I realized that a high percentage of them all seemed to include architecture from around Europe.


Ever since I was small, whilst visiting new places I’ve loved seeing different buildings and going inside them, but not for what they are for, but simply for the glorious structure, design, and architecture.  The way different buildings are structured is always fascinating to see: some of them have beams displayed boldly on the outside (for example, houses built in the Tudor period), whereas others have no structure shown and appear to be held up with no support, like the “Eye” in the Netherlands.


Another reason why I love taking architectural photos is because of the history behind the buildings.  When I was in Paris, I found the Sacré Coeur incredibly interesting.  Paris is definitely one of the best places for architecture, considering the history behind it.  Did you know that the reason the Sacre Coeur was built was because Paris was not invaded in the war between France and Prussia?  Work began on 1875 and eventually it opened in 1914.


The angles of which you capture the buildings from also interest me.  Some buildings look good from a low angle as it illustrates how tall and grand looking it is.  Others look very good from a distance, perhaps in skyline photography.


Architecture from an angle

Architecture from an angle


Here is possibly my favourite architectural photo I have taken.  It was taken when I was walking through the streets of Amsterdam, over the summer.  When I took the photo, I was in awe of the magnificent building on the other side of the street.  As I lifted my camera up to take the photograph, I felt pleased because the sun was shining and the people walking past seemed to fit into the frame very nicely.  I squeezed the shutter button and heard the little click my camera makes. 


Magnificent department store in Amsterdam

Magnificent department store in Amsterdam



Looking back on this photo, a mixture of peacefulness and nostalgia comes to mind.  I think perhaps it’s the way the photo was taken and the lively city atmosphere of the people drifting past makes me feel peaceful because that is where I feel most at home.





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