Phuket and Dental Tourism

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Are you interested in traveling to Thailand for health care, as well as for an amazing holiday? Phuket is becoming the place to go for anyone seeking dental services. The stunning island attracts dental patients from around the world, due to its amazing landscape combined with its fantastic dentists.

Phuket and Dental Tourism

Why would I want to go to Phuket for Dentistry?

Getting dental treatment done in the Western world is often very expensive. By traveling to Phuket, you can potentially save thousands while enjoying one of the greatest tourist destinations in the world. You can actually save so much that the holiday is free.

So what would you rather do? Stay home and get expensive dental treatment, or have an amazing holiday in Phuket while receiving expert treatment. Choose Phuket to experience:

•      High-quality treatment
•      A variety of specialists to choose from
•      No need for dental insurance
•      Kill two birds with one stone: Take care of your teeth and have an overdue holiday
•     The lowest prices
•     Stunning scenery
•     Tropical location
Convenient for Aussies and Kiwis
If you're from Australia or New Zealand then Phuket is an ideal location for you. It is not too difficult a flight from either country. Thailand also receives large volumes of Kiwi and Aussie tourists every year and know how to cater for their needs. For this reason, airlines also regularly feature deals on flights and hotels.

Entry is also extremely easy. Neither country requires a visa for Thailand. You can get a 30-day visa exemption upon arrival at an international airport, however, this is only 15 days if you arrive by a land border. Just remember your passport.

The Clinics

Phuket has been developing rapidly over the last decade. It has modern infrastructure and excellent healthcare services. Do not be concerned about primitive facilities or sub-par service. The best clinics are modern, clean, and set up to the same standard as ones back home.

So where are the best dentists in Phuket? Two clinics with excellent reputations and which display the highest levels of professionalism are Sea Smile Dental Phuket and Phuket Dental Signature.

Paying them a visit is just like seeing your local dentist because of the quality of their facilities and the dexterity of their specialists. They also speak fluent English just like back home. The only difference you will experience are the prices. You can save thousands on major services like implants and dentures. In general, expect to pay 40-70% less than back home. Use the extra cash to fully immerse yourself in the surroundings and have a holiday you won't want to end.

Both clinics are located in Phuket's Patong Beach area. This a major hub for international tourists, offering a range of accommodation, local and western food, nightlife, and a beautiful beach. If you stay here you are likely to be only a short stroll from both the clinic and the beach.

Ready to go?

In conclusion, Phuket is an ideal location for dental tourism. Receive the best treatment by wonderful dentists, pay the lowest prices and have an amazing holiday on the greatest tropical island in Asia. Remember, you can save so much that the holiday is practically free! So what are you waiting for? Consider Phuket as your dental destination.