Planning A Trip: Where To Stay In London

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Whether you travel to London for a long stay or you just need to plan a short trip, it is important to know exactly where to stay. The capital is quite large, so finding just what you want may take a little digging. Do your research: read a London neighborhood guide and then some reviews to make a great choice.

Here are some suggestions to help you out. 

 Planning A Trip: Where To Stay In London

Central London

Central London is prime hotel hotspot, since it’s in the midst of all the action. There are various accommodation options ranging from luxurious hotels to bed and breakfasts. The downside is that prices reflect the desirability of the location, but those willing to brave the high costs will be able to explore some of the most vibrant neighborhoods in London with ease. 

East London

East London is up-and-coming. Public transportation options are convenient and you can quickly get through many of the interest points in the city. The most popular accommodation options in this area are hotels. East London is a great option for those that want to see some art exhibits, although other attractions like Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park are also within reach. 

Most London neighborhood guides will recommend Greenwich as a starting point for a city exploration adventure due to transportation access, and proximity to attractions like National Maritime Museum and Old Royal Naval College. You’re likely to find a bustling population of students and teachers in the area.
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Chelsea And Kensington

These are two locales worth staying in if you’re a fan of London fashion. With access to many designer boutiques, museums, and world-class restaurants, there is plenty to see. You may even stumble upon one of the many celebrity sightings these areas are famous for, and Saatchi Gallery is where art aficionados should head when they are passing through. 
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North London

London’s northern area is great when looking for a good value for a great price. It’s ideal for those looking for less expensive options, and who aren’t willing to commute to the city to see the sights. Avail yourself of nearby transportation routes, and be sure to visit the renowned Abbey Road crossing. 

Notting Hill Stays

Notting Hill is a lively neighborhood located close to Central London. Known to many as the city’s neighborhood with the most charm, it’s a great place to start any London tour. There are dozens of great boutiques, restaurants, and hotels to consider and locations like the Portobello Market and Electric Cinema are must-sees. 
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Staying Close To London Airports

For those intending a briefer stay, locations near the airport may be the most desirable option. While not necessarily adjacent to most tourist hotspots, it will ensure a shorter return trip to the airport when it is time to leave. And, as always, the tube is an easy way to head into the city.


Do you have a favorite place to stay, in London?