Postcard From Prinsengracht Street, Amsterdam

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Slowly the boats drift down the canals and the trees sway gently in the summer breeze.  The sunlight dances on the water and creates a glistening effect.  Up and down the streets, there are brightly coloured, tall houses with beautiful architecture.  Whilst you enjoy a coffee and a pancake, you can hear the sound of families and friends chatting away, you are on Prinsengracht Street, situated in the delightful city of Amsterdam, The Netherlands.


View of one of the many picturesque canals in Amsterdam

View of one of the many picturesque canals in Amsterdam



Situated in the middle of Amsterdam is The Pancake Bakery, known as possibly the best pancake house in Amsterdam.  Every day, the Dutch and tourists alike fill the seats and gaze onto the scenic canals and green trees whilst, of course, enjoying a pancake with perhaps Nutella and banana, peach, or even a selection of Egyptian inspired meats with salad!  A couple of Euros can easily get you a delicious pancake.


A scenic canal trip is recommended to enjoy this part of the Netherlands to its full potential.  Plenty of the canal trips take you up Prinsengracht Street, and you can discover the peaceful atmosphere of the city by boat.  On the other side of the street, the shops vary from interior design to little shops selling Dutch tulips.  It’s definitely worth a visit, as the shops sell all kinds of great items to suit anybody, including beautifully designed postcards, typical Dutch clogs, and even Dutch patisseries.


Prinsengracht Street is definitely full of history too. A few shops down you can visit Anne Frank’s house, which, although very sad, is quite interesting.  Take a walk down Prinsengracht Street and discover one of the best streets in Amsterdam.



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