Safety Guide: Traveling Alone for the First Time

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Traveling alone is one of the most amazing experiences that everyone should have at least once in their lives. When being on the road on your own, you get the opportunity to test your limits, and discover and understand yourself better, because it is just you with your own thoughts and the emotions for everything new that experienced on your journey.

Whether you choose to travel abroad or somewhere close to your city, going alone is going to allow you to experience new ways of travel that you would never get when traveling with someone else. You are free to choose where and when to go, and what to visit and whom to meet on your journey, but you are also responsible for your own safety, since there is no one there that could take care of you.

Read below what you should consider when traveling alone for the first time in order to have a safe journey. 

Safety Guide: Traveling Alone for the First Time

Plan, plan, plan

Before leaving for your trip, you need to make sure that you have planned every single detail that you can premeditate. Prepare all your documents, buy your tickets from kulula bookings early in time, pack all the necessary things without overpacking your luggage (since it is going to be hard to carry on your own for too long), download offline maps of all the places that you are going to visit on your mobile phone so that you do not get lost, and plan your budget accordingly so that you do not end up in a situation when you have no money left while you are still on your trip.

Preparing a detailed plan is going to help you avoid some unpleasant experiences because you will be in control of those things. 

Safety Guide: Traveling Alone for the First Time

Do not hesitate to ask for help

You need to be aware that you have nothing to demonstrate to anyone, not even to yourself. So, if you end up in a bad situation and you need help, you should not hesitate to ask for help only because you fear that the others will think you are not capable of taking care of yourself. When being in a completely new place, surrounded by strangers, no matter how strong your personality is and how independent you are as a person, you might still have to deal with unexpected things that can put you in danger and that you cannot solve on your own.

So, whether it is the help of the local police in the place where you are, or someone from back home among your loved ones, do not hesitate to ask for it. Your safety is more important than your pride. 

Ask for the help of locals 

Since you are in a place that is completely new to you, you should better ask for someone to advise you how to stay safe in their surroundings. When it comes to asking for advice when it comes to the safe customs that you should implement while traveling, the most reliable opinions are from the locals. They are the ones that know all the dangerous areas that you should avoid during your stay there. 

Stay in contact with your loved ones

Imagine that if any of your family members or a dear friend of yours was traveling alone and you knew that he or she is exposed to bigger risks, you would also want to make sure that he or she is doing fine. your loved ones are in the same situation when you are traveling alone. They need to know that you are safe and healthy so that they can stop worrying. Moreover, being in contact with them gives you a feeling of familiarity, even if you are traveling alone which will make you feel more confident.

Get insurance

Health insurance is a must for any trip, no matter if you travel on your own or with a large group of friends. If you get sick while you are in a different country, it can cost you a fortune to see a doctor who can give you medication and the right treatment that would help you. In order to be prepared in case such an experience happens, make sure you do not forget to have your health insurance with you. 

Avoid attracting too much attention

In order to avoid having to deal with people that might not have the best intentions for you, avoid attracting too much attention to yourself. Try to wear normal clothes instead of an eccentric outfit that might seem interesting to the wrong people. Also, try to look like a local as much as possible, because tourists are the best victims for the pickpockets.  

Safety Guide: Traveling Alone for the First Time

Choose traveling friends wisely

When on the road, you are going to meet many people that seem to be amazing travel friends because they share the same interests with you, and seem to be incredibly friendly and helpful. However, you have to be aware of the fact that you have just met that person, and do not have enough knowledge about him or her in order to judge their good or bad intentions. Choose whether you let him or her to join you on your journey or not using your mind, not your heart. 

Safety Guide: Traveling Alone for the First Time

Trust your instincts

If you find yourself in the situation of choosing something that can put you in danger, trust your instincts when making the choice. If something does not feel right or seem to be too suspicious for you to have a blind trust, no matter what anyone around you might tell you, you have to choose to follow the feelings that you get. 

Enjoy your journey 

“Better to worry than to be sorry” is surely something that should be in your mind when traveling alone. However, don't let doubts and fear stop you from experience the travel entirely. When you chose to travel alone, you knew that this is the best opportunity to test your limits and discover yourself better. Even if you need to be more precautious than you would have been when traveling with someone else, don't forget to have fun. 

Safety Guide: Traveling Alone for the First Time