Stockholm's Archipelago

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So that the weather has begun to get a bit more sunny, I have naturally started thinking about being out in the Skärgård (archipelago), reminiscing of lazy days spent by the sea and long summer nights.  I decided to write an "Archipelago Series," where I could introduce some of the different islands in the Stockholm archipelago that I have had the opportunity to visit. Links at the bottom of the article!




The first time I went out to the archipelago was with one of my oldest Swedish friends, Anna-Maria.  Anna-Maria came done for a long weekend to visit me when my mom came over for a three week visit.  She thought it would be fun to take us to some of the islands so that my mom could also have a chance to see some of the archipelago.  Our first trip was out to Fjäderholmarna (The Feather Islands), which are made up of four islands.  These are easily reached by a ferry, which runs every half hour (spring & summer) from Slussen to the islands with about a twenty minute ferry ride.  These were the perfect islands to go for my first trip out as they were fast to get out to and they were beautiful as well! 



On the island you will find a few restaurants and a coffee shop, museums, as well as many local arts and handicrafts to be sold by artists who set up shop there during the high season.  In the summer season you will find the restaurant Fjäderholmarnas krog open, which is known for its Rökeriet (smokery).   It is definitely a great way to spend an afternoon exploring the island or just taking it easy and having a picnic by the sea!





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