Sustainable Travel In and Around the Lake District

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The Lake District is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful UK travel destinations, with its sparkling lakes, rugged mountains, and vast expanses of lush greenery making it the ideal natural retreat. With some 15 million visitors a year, protecting and sustaining the region is crucial, and something that local organizations are truly committed to. Cumbria County Council, the Lake District National Park Authority, and Cumbria Tourism have all joined forces to implement the “See More” program, optimizing the visitor experience whilst minimizing the impact to the environment.

At the heart of this scheme is the all-electric Renault Twizy, a zero-emissions smart car that is available for hire from various locations across the region. In association with Co-wheels Car Club, the goal is to provide tourists with a convenient and, above all, eco-friendly way to explore the outstanding beauty that England’s Lake District has to offer. Well located at visitor arrival points such as coach and train stations, the somewhat quirky-looking Twizy makes it easy to venture deeper into the countryside in the most unobtrusive way possible. As well as emitting zero carbon, the pint-sized vehicle runs on a silent engine.

Renault Twizy in Cumbria - all electric cars provide Sustainable Travel In and Around the Lake District

It is not only the lightweight build and compact form that make the Twizy perfectly suited to the Cumbrian countryside - the cars have been painted to look like sheep, with an individual sheep name and personality assigned to each model. In reference to the scheme’s fun take on eco-friendly tourism, Richard Falconer, MD of Co-wheels Car Club, states that the “the Twizys were chosen as a light-hearted approach to help visitors think about zero emission driving. With their quirky looks and fun demeanor, the Renault Twizys are the perfect choice to attract conversation for visitors and residents alike.”

Whilst only ten Twizys are currently available for hire, the scheme highlights the importance of eco-friendly tourism. Aside from the zero-emissions initiative, visitors traveling by car can also take steps to ensure their impact on the natural landscape is minimal. In addition to car-sharing where possible, maintenance plays a significant role; something as simple as driving with the correct tire pressure can notably reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Equally, for older cars in particular (made before 1993), fitting a new catalytic converter ensures that harmful compounds from the internal combustion engine are effectively converted into less toxic substances. Replacement exhaust parts can easily be ordered from sites such as, and, much like the Twizys, can help to reduce noise as well as poisonous gases. Eco-conscious tourism is key to ensuring that destinations like the Lake District remain unspoiled and enjoyable for years to come, and minimizing our carbon footprint as travelers is something we can all aspire to. More information on the See More initiative can be found on the official Cumbria Tourism website.