Top Destinations to Study for your Business Degree

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Perhaps at some point in time, you have imagined yourself setting up and running an international multi-billion-dollar business enterprise. However, before venturing out, those who have succeeded before you will recommend that it is a good idea to first learn the ropes and basics of business. Getting a Business Degree overseas may be the best route as it gives you an international perspective, and, let’s be honest here, is often much cheaper!

Top Destinations to Study for your Business Degree

What is studied when you get a business degree?

Degrees and courses in business studies are gaining increasing popularity globally among students. The good thing is that many reputable universities are offering lots of courses that match the rising demand. There are many reasons why you should earn a business degree, as well as the counter arguments. However, Business Studies remains one of the most popular and versatile courses that one can study.

Subjects of study include, among others:
•    Business Administration
•    Business Management
•    Marketing Management
•    Accounting and Finance
•    International Business

How long does the degree take to complete? 

Typically, a degree in business takes around 3 or 4 years at the undergraduate level, and an additional one to two years at post graduate master’s level. To successfully study business, you will need to have strong analytical skills, excellent interpersonal skills, and be a good team-player.

Career Options for Business Degree Graduates

A business degree is a globally recognised certificate that gives you lots of flexibility when it comes to exploring career opportunities. 

Potential industries include:
•    Finance Executive/Accountant
•    Insurance Agent/Broker
•    Market Research Analyst/Executive
•    Media Executive

Other fields which you can gain entry with your business degree include:
•    Management Consulting
•    Telecommunications and Technology
•    Real Estate Media & Advertising
•    Corporate Communications

If however your style is geared more to doing your own thing, why not use the acquired knowledge and skills to create your own business or company? 

Best places to Study

A student of business should grab any available opportunity of studying for a Business Degree overseas. Among several destinations, the following are strongly recommended.

1. London, UK

If you are particularly interested in pursuing a career in marketing, finance or the creative pursuits such as fashion and publishing, studying in this international business and cultural hub should be worth considering. 

2. Tokyo, Japan

Together with New York and London, this huge Asian metropolis is home to the largest urban economy in the world and also has the 2nd largest stock exchange by market capitalisation.
Widely held as the best place in Asia to study business, Japanese universities are increasingly popular with International Students since the early1980s.

3. Singapore

If you are hoping to join the electronics, mechanical engineering, chemical, petroleum, or biomedical industries, then Singapore has lots for you to explore. This country is considered leading among the 4 economic powerhouses of Asia. 

4. Seoul, South Korea

Several global businesses like Samsung, Hyundai, Kia, and LG have made Seoul their headquarters. This city is one of Asia’s most economically prosperous. International banks like Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, and Citigroup have their international headquarters in Seoul as well.

5. Milan, Italy

This Italian city serves as the nation’s central business and financial hub. Italy is the 4th biggest economy in the EU. Professionals and students alike flock here to learn from the myriad of the city’s successes, especially in commerce, banking, fashion, design, and trade industries.

Go For It!

While other factors like determination, the environment, and your finances might be important, getting a solid grip on how businesses work will for sure improve your chances of success. Nothing paves the route to your success to study business than having a solid Business Degree.