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Oct 08, 2012 / 2 comments

When I ask people where they want to live when they are older, surprisingly most people do not say England, the country we were born and bred - weird, right?  We live in a world where the people of today like travelling, for instance, going on family holidays every year, taking a gap year to travel the world, or travelling for business.


Travelling plays a major part in our lives as we want to explore the rest of the world and not limit ourselves to one country. Do you ever get the feeling of disappointment when come back from holiday to the same dull area you call your hometown? You get into the same routine of going to school or work and you wish you were back on holiday.


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Travel Reporters


I think this is why certain people choose a career with an international focus. Although they might get homesick, having the chance to travel to different countries is a very good experience and can be life-changing.  If I wanted a career with an international focus, I would most probably choose to be a travel journalist or travel reporter. This is because travel journalists and reporters learn something new every day by just being able to travel. They are fortunate to learn about the different cultures and lifestyles of the world, but also learn about the dangers of every country. They are able to witness first-hand dangerous and newsworthy events that happen around the world, and inform the public.


Some travel journalists are not afraid to put themselves in harm’s way to report a story that the public needs to know about, like the Syrian civil war. I think this is very admirable. I find it very cool being a travel journalist/reporter because you are able to meet several new people from across the world and learn about their different backgrounds, cultures, and lifestyles.  They also are able to explore and see the good and the bad of every country. I think this definitely changes their perception on certain countries and has an impact on their lives. So if you ever feel you're limited by living in one country  and would want to see the world, consider a career that has an international focus because you would be getting paid for exploring the world!





Nadia Adusei-Boateng is a member of the Youth Travel Blogging Mentorship Program.

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  • Stasia Lopez

    11 years 4 months ago

    Nadia, I really enjoyed reading your article on your career aspiration of becoming a travel journalist and reporter! I'm sure you are inspired by World News on tv all the time. On the weather channel they have travel analysts who do the same kind of reporting--and the weather channel has internships (I believe based out of Atlanta, Georgia). Check it out ;)

    Definitley do some job-shadowing and informational interviewing and internships. This can all be insightful and helpful to you as you build upon your dreams for your career.

    Anastasia R.D. Lopez

    Global Education Editor, Wandering Educators

  • Nadia Adusei-Boateng

    11 years 4 months ago

    Thank you Anastasia I really appreciate your advice, it
    has been very helpful since I have been looking for internships. I want to get
    an internship at a broadcasting company in America for the summer like ENews or CNN , so I’m still
    looking. I will definitely look into the travel analysts internship you were
    talking about.

    Thank you :)

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