Travel Tips from the Pros: More Hacks and Tricks to Use When Traveling

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There are countless travel tips and hacks you can use to make traveling, both domestically and internationally, a lot more convenient. Whether you love going on quick getaways or you enjoy extended trips overseas, knowing how to pack efficiently, how to tackle the challenges along the way, and how to make the most out of the opportunity can truly transform your travel experiences.
Travel Tips from the Pros: More Hacks and Tricks to Use When Traveling

In this article, we focus more on specific tricks and hacks that avid travelers use on a regular basis. We talked to some experienced travelers and gathered the best tips from the pros just for you.

Be Kind at the Airport

Well, you should be kind anywhere, but being kind at the airport pays. According to Michael David Palance, a producer whose work for Premiere Program requires him to travel a lot, showing kindness at the airport makes the start of the trip a lot less stressful. By being in a good mood as you start the trip, the whole travel experience is improved, as well.

“I always try to relax, greet others when I’m in queues, and be nice to the staff when boarding or deplaning. I’ve had many interesting stories just from being kind to people at the start of the trip,” said Michael Palance in one of our conversations.

There are a lot of positive stories out there. You can, for example, get upgraded to Business or First Class if the staff at the check-in counter like you. You can never go wrong with being kind, especially in a stressful environment such as the airport.

Research Helps

We usually spend a lot of time reading hotel reviews and guides about the destination, but we seldom do research on other details. In reality, research really helps make traveling a breeze. When flying out of an unfamiliar airport, do a quick Google search to find out the best way to get there, the time required to reach the airport, and other details. Knowing these details will save you a lot of trouble.

You can find out more about parking facilities – or even book a car park – if you are planning to drive to the airport. You can get airport pick-up arranged for when you arrive at the destination. You can even learn more about security checks and other details. The more you know, the more prepared you are for different situations, and the less stressful traveling becomes.

More Copies!

Lastly, always make extra copies of your travel documents and store them in different bags. Keep copies at home, store a few copies in your carry-on bag, and leave copies in your hotel room as you explore the destination city. Email copies to yourself and to a trusted friend or relative. There is no such thing as being too careful when it comes to travel documents, and those copies you prepare will save you should you lose your passport.

These are simple tips and hacks that can be applied right away, but they are useful for making your next trip more convenient and enjoyable. Give them a try...and don’t forget to share your travel stories in the Comments section below. 

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Travel Tips from the Pros: More Hacks and Tricks to Use When Traveling