Travel Tips: How to Reach Koh Phangan From Bangkok

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Koh Phangan Island is situated in the Gulf of Thailand. It is a paradise boasting of golden beaches, turquoise water, towering mountains, swaying palms, and lots of panoramic vistas. Koh Phangan is also popular for its full moon party, which takes place only once in some months. It is loaded with scintillating music and dance. The party lasts all night and participants head back after sunrise. 

You can easily add Koh Phangan to your Bangkok must-see destination list.

The distance between Bangkok and Koh Phangan by road is 770 km. However, there are several other options to reach Koh Phangan from BKK. 

It is sensible to book your transportation from the local travel agent, but on, you can get a lot of options. All you need to do is look for transport, compare the prices with other service providers, and book your ground or sea transportation.

Travel Tips: How to Reach Koh Phangan From Bangkok

Fly from Bangkok to Samui

The fastest transport option is to take a flight to Koh Samui. Although Bangkok has two airports, but there are no direct flights to Koh Phangan. The closest is in Koh Samui. Koh Phangan airport is currently under construction. Check the flight information online.

After you land on the Koh Samui airport in an hour, you can take a taxi ride to Big Buddha pier. Grab a catamaran or high-speed ferry from Koh Samui, which can cost about $5 to $10, and you reach Koh Phangan in a minimum of 30 minutes and a maximum of 1 ½ hour. This is a quick option, but not a cheap one. Look for flight ticket deals in advance.

If you don’t wish to fly, then there are several affordable options. This may be a long ride, which is highly preferred by long term travelers. However, if time is not an issue, then you can save some Baht.

Night Bus

Bus from Bangkok to Koh Phangan is the most economical transport option. 

1. Bus + ferry - Choose a sleeper night [reclining chairs] bus that leaves BKK around 7 pm and travels all night. You arrive in Surat Thani early in the morning. Take a bus to Donsak pier and then board a ferry to Koh Phangan.
2. Only bus - Only-bus option will cost you an extra 300 Baht when compared to the night bus + ferry combo. From Bangkok, the bus departs at 7:50 pm and reaches Koh Phangan directly. 

Blue waters in the harbor. From Travel Tips: How to Reach Koh Phangan From Bangkok

Night train

Board a night train from BKK and get down at Surat Thani. You get seating options like 1st class with AC and 2nd class with a fan. There is a chair, a table, and a pull-down bed. The lowest bunk is big in comparison, so you can book it, if possible. The 1st class includes a private double bunk area and a sink. 

Book train tickets in advance because they, too, fill quickly, during the peak-season, like a full-moon day. The station is in the city’s center, so arrange for transportation to the pier for an ongoing journey towards Koh Phangan. There are 10 daily departures to Surat Thani from Bangkok with 4-night options. It takes around 12 hours to reach Surat Thani. 

Cost and time taken to travel from BKK to Koh Phangan

• Train + bus + ferry [via Surat Thani] takes 16 hours and costs $50+
• Bus + ferry [via Surat Thani] takes 11 hours and costs $27 to $45
• Plane + ferry [via Koh Samui] takes 7 hours and costs $65+

Travel Tips: How to Reach Koh Phangan From Bangkok

Things to enjoy in Koh Phangan

• Go diving - Many diving sites can be reached from Koh Tao as well as Koh Phangan. Sail Rock and Southwest Pinnacle are great sites to explore while snorkeling. 
• Night market - Thong Sala is jammed with delicious and fresh seafood. Must eat delicacies are Pad Thai, Laarb, Mango sticky rice, and Masaman curry.
• Kayaking - Kayak and explore the vast Ang Thong Marine Park. 
• Boating - Book a boat tour and explore difficult places like Bottle Beach, Thong Nai Pan, Ko Tae, and Ko Ma. 
• Take a cooking class - There are many cooking schools in Koh Phangan. Thai food fans can learn a lot about traditional cooking style.
• Capture the waterfalls - There are seven different waterfalls including Sramanora, Phaeng, Thaan Sadet, Wangsai, Thaan Prapaad, Thaan Prawes, and Paradise.
• Trekking - Head towards Khao Ra Mountain trekking trails and enjoy the neighboring Koh Tao Island. 
• Watch the sunset - There is no lack of stunning sunsets in Koh Phangan 
• Attend full moon party - It is a must to attend full moon party, which has started a new tradition of celebrating a black moon party, half-moon party and more. 

Travel Tips: How to Reach Koh Phangan From Bangkok

Traveling to Koh Phangan is worth it!