Vacation Cruising 101

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If you're someone who's always dreamed of getting away from it all, there's nothing like a cruise to get you in the mood. In fact, we've shared the 10 best reasons to take a cruise! A membership vacation club, Royal Holiday has over 180 destinations worldwide and based out of Mexico with the premiere resort known as the Grand Park Royal in Cozumel. In a vacation club, all the details are taken care of. All you have to do is join, keep racking up points, and indulge each year in specialized, one-of-a-kind vacation experiences planned around your needs.The only thing you'll be stressing over is where to visit first.

Vacation Cruising 101

Step 1: Choose Your Plan

When you first sign up with a membership club, you will see that they have a plethora of affordable options. You'll be asked to choose a membership option that works best for your life and your schedule. They know that it's not always possible to predict when life is going to get in the way of your other plans. That's why each membership option comes with a guarantee of flexibility and convenience, designed to fit your changing needs. From a Bronze membership option all the way to Royal, you'll be able to use your saved points to store up for future vacations or plan a spontaneous getaway at the click of a mouse.

Step 2: Choose Your Destination

With so many worldwide locations to choose from, it can be a bit overwhelming to try and figure out where you want your luxury cruise to take you. From lavish resorts in Mexico to the tropical beaches of the Caribbean, you'll find warmer weather is just a luxurious boat ride away. For members who are more inclined to seek chilly climates, you'll love the cruise of the Alaskan fjords and the Antarctic. Of course, it doesn't stop there. From Japan to the Galapagos Islands, you'll find there's something for every taste on exclusive cruise lines.

Step 3: Choose Your Cruise Line

With Royal Holiday cruises, the destination is only half the fun. The other half lies in the pleasure of getting there. With deluxe cruise ships, you and your family will already feel like you're getting the best of a destination vacation days before you even meet the shore. With rich meals, on-board activities, spa packages, and more, each cruise line offers the best in pampering, relaxation, and stimulation. You'll be served by staff members who will leave nothing to chance when it comes to your enjoyment of your vacation, and each cruise line, including the famous Carnival "fun boats," comes with its own specific onboard experience designed to allow vacationers to reach new heights of adventure and fun without even setting foot on shore.

Step 4: Enjoy

Travelers don’t want to feel like they're tourists. They want to feel truly enriched and invigorated by the journeys they take on each and every cruise during their membership term. And since that term spans at least 30 years to save you the most money, each year brings a new opportunity to see new sights, engage in new experiences, and indulge in a culturally rich experience. With Royal Holiday cruises, by the time you reach your destination, you'll have already felt as if you've seen the world.

Vacation Cruising 101