Visit Stratford for a Spring Maple Trail Adventure

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The anticipation of Canada’s delicious iconic maple syrup is palpable as the first sign of spring. To celebrate, Stratford Tourism Alliance presents the Savour Stratford Maple Trail adventure. This self-guided tasting tour offers 22 unique maple tastings for a tasty culinary experience during the months of March and April. 

The 2017 seasonal Savour Stratford Maple Trail was launched today with a tasting of a maple bacon poutine at Downie Street Burgers. Maple syrup is Canada’s first crop of the season and is most often thought of as a sweet treat, but Downie Street Burgers has used it in this delicious savoury dish and it is featured on the maple trail. 

Downie Street Burgers Maple Bacon Poutine. From Visit Stratford for a Spring Maple Trail Adventure
Downie Street Burgers Maple Bacon Poutine

“The Maple Trail presents 22 maple inspired offers, the most offers available ever on this trail and so fitting in Canada’s 150th year of celebration. This year six restaurants present maple syrup in exciting savoury and sweet creations. Trail participants will enjoy the variety of choices, but it is only available until the end of April, so don’t miss out on our taste of spring.” says Cathy Rehberg, marketing manager for Stratford Tourism Alliance. 

Local culinary artisans and food purveyors invite you to sample delicious maple creations along our self-guided trail. Savoury maple tastes include maple squash soup, dipping sauce, and tempting condiments using maple syrup. Sweet choices range from crepes to cookies and handcrafted maple moonshine. Of course, no maple trail would be complete without local maple syrup direct from the sugar shack and traditional hand-poured maple sugar candy. Unexpected surprises on the trail include some great take away items.  

Participating businesses include: 
* Artful Badger, 96 Downie Street
* Black Angus Bakery, 443 Erie Street
* Blowes Cards & Gifts, 34 Wellington Street
* Buzz Stop, 17 York Street
* Chocolate Barr’s Candies, 55 George Street
* Dee Image Co., 100 Downie Street
* Distinctly Tea, 18 York Street
* Downie Street Burgers,107 Downie Street
* Gentle Rain Natural Health Food Store, 30 Rebecca Street
* The Hub, 27 Market Place
* JENN and Larry’s Brittle ’n Shakes and Ice Cream Cakes, 49 York Street
* Junction 56 Distillery, 45 Cambria Street
* Kandy Cakes, 47 York Street
* Keystone Alley, 34 Brunswick Street
* McCully’s Hill Farm, 4074 Perth Line 9, St. Marys
* Olive Your Favourites, 21 York Street
* Pavillion Coffee & Crepes, 33 Market Place
* Revival House, 70 Brunswick Street
* Rheo Thompson Candies, 55 Albert Street
* The Spa Near the Tracks, 20 Cooper Street
* Stratford Country Club, 53 Romeo Street North
* Treasures, 151 Ontario Street

Here’s how it works. Choose six of 22 delicious maple treats to sample and learn more from local culinary artisans and purveyors. Share your delicious maple experiences using hashtag #MapleTrail and follow us on twitter @SavourStratford

Purchase trails at Stratford Tourism, 47 Downie Street, Stratford for $25.00 (+ HST). Present one voucher at each of your selected stops for one maple sample. Gift certificates are also available online or in person at where full details about the Maple Trail are available.  This seasonal Savour Stratford Maple Trail is offered only from March 1 to April 30, 2017. Please check the times and dates each location is open to avoid disappointment. 

Black Angus Maple Walnut Shortbread. From Visit Stratford for a Spring Maple Trail Adventure
Black Angus Maple Walnut Shortbread

Capture more maple fun with a sugar bush and sugar shack tour along with a maple pancake brunch at McCully’s Hill Farm Maple Festival Saturdays and Sundays in March. New in 2017,  you can exchange one Maple Trail voucher for a sugar bush tour in place of the maple syrup offer during the Maple Festival weekends. 

 Visit Stratford for a Spring Maple Trail Adventure


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