Best Ways to Make a Good Impression While Studying Abroad

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Are you heading off for a stint studying abroad and wondering how you’ll find it? Having some nerves isn’t unusual. Moving to a new place is always going to be stressful: there might be distinct cultural differences you need to navigate, a different language to grapple with, or just new surroundings to settle into. The best thing to do is try to channel those feelings into making sure you make the most out of your opportunity.

Best Ways to Make a Good Impression While Studying Abroad

Bring the Right Attitude

Before departure there are a hundred things to think about, be they visas, vaccinations, or packing. Once you arrive, however, there are some things you can do to ensure the transition into your new life goes as smoothly as possible. With so many new people to meet, it’s a great idea to have a plan of action. To help, we have summarized the five best things you can do to help you assimilate and make the best impression on your new friends and teachers.

Participate in All the Events

The best way to instantly meet new people and rapidly expand your social circle is to attend all of the events that are being hosted. Whether it's sports clubs, a lecture series, or department socials, always say yes! Not only might you be able to gain some valuable insights or knowledge about different subjects, but you will display that you're open and willing to try new things.

Be on Time!

You won't gain many new fans if you're constantly late to classes, as well as things like the social events mentioned above. Being punctual is a virtue that is underrated, but if you're that person who is always late to everything, then you'll no doubt see the benefits of being on time eventually (i.e., not having to rush). Having an alarm on your smartphone that you can trust to go off every morning is key, but also having a good old-fashioned watch is useful too, as it can be easy to forget about the time when we put our phone in our pockets. Omega watches are cool and reliable but can be expensive. However, if you check online, then you might be able to find a second-hand Omega at a cheaper price.

Dress Well

Now, we aren’t recommending overly formal attire at all hours of the day, but having some pride in your appearance really is important when seeking to make a positive impression on new people. Turning up to class dressed well will not only demonstrate respect for your teacher, but will make you feel more confident too. Whether it’s a smart bag to keep your books in or a tasteful shirt, adding nuanced details to your outfit will vastly enhance the overall impression you make on people. Above all, look around at how people dress where you are at. Try to fit in, and respect cultural mores in terms of attire.

Explore the City

Having a little bit of local knowledge goes a long way. If you never set foot off campus, people might wonder why you chose to study abroad in the first case. Opt into walking tours of the city or go exploring with another newbie, exploring different districts, shopping spots, museums, and galleries for the full experience. Not only can this give you a great flavor of local life, but is also a great conversation starter for when you meet new people.

Best Ways to Make a Good Impression While Studying Abroad

Learn the Language

It goes without saying that if you are traveling to a new country, learning the language is the first step toward breaking down barriers between you and your new peers. We’re not saying you have to become fluent overnight, but demonstrating that you are eager and willing to learn is a big encouragement for others to reciprocally put time into you. We’ve compiled a list of ten ways you can instantly improve your language skills, to help you get off the ground.


What are your best tips for making a good impression while you're studying or traveling abroad?