Working abroad: Career opportunities that let you travel

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Working abroad is one of the best ways to experience a different culture first-hand whilst developing a new professional skillset. If your current job does not offer the opportunity to travel, or if you are simply looking to try something new, there is a wealth of employment prospects to be explored the world over. Whilst some professions may be in higher demand in certain emerging markets, there are also plenty of rewarding jobs that can be enjoyed almost anywhere. Here are some hands-on career opportunities that could kick-start your journey around the globe.

Working abroad: Career opportunities that let you travel


Freelancing is one of the most flexible ways to work and travel, enabling you to establish your own schedule whilst enjoying complete freedom of movement. There are many professions which can be practiced on a freelance basis, from translation services to writing or photography, and establishing your own small company often requires very little by way of materials and resources. With a laptop, an internet connection and a company website, you can set up office virtually anywhere in the world, with web design templates and cheap domain registration available through companies such as How you market your services will depend on the industry as well as the country in which you are settling, but social media is undoubtedly a powerful tool for any internet-based business.


Teaching English abroad is a hands-on way to integrate into the community, and does not necessarily require any previous experience. Many English language teaching qualifications can be completed in a short period of time, such as TEFL, ESL, or CELTA, and will provide the basic training needed to teach English as a foreign language abroad. Employment opportunities are varied, ranging from freelance to a full-time contract with an institution. English language instruction is in high demand across the globe, be it in schools, companies, or private tutoring, and a basic teaching qualification could take you anywhere, from China to Thailand to Spain.

Au Pairing

Living with a local family offers the chance to completely immerse yourself in a new culture, and au pairing is a great starting point for moving abroad. In return for accommodation and meals, and usually a small amount of pocket money, au pairs help with childcare and light household chores. As well as getting to know the customs and conventions that are intrinsic to your country of destination, au pairing provides plenty of valuable exposure to the language, so this can make the transition to a new country much smoother. For more information on what au pairing entails, take a look at


Although not technically a salaried position, the WWOOF program does enable you to live and work abroad without spending too much money. WWOOF stands for World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms, and connects volunteers with host families who, in exchange for approximately six hours of labor a day, provide food and accommodation. With an incredibly vast global reach, covering everywhere from Sweden to Senegal, to Mexico to Fiji, the program opens doors to an extensive range of countries and cultures without demanding any prior skills or experience.