Cooking Under the Tuscan Sun

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By now, you’ve read Francis Mayes’ Under the Tuscan Sun, seen the movie, read the sequels. But wait! There’s more! And this is one book you’ll definitely want to pick up. It’s Recipes from our Italian Kitchen: The Tuscan Sun Cookbook, by Francis Mayes and Edward Mayes.


Recipes from our Italian kitchen: The Tuscan Sun Cookbook


From the very moment you pick up the book, you’re drawn in. The cover features the Mayes eating well al fresco, laughing and smiling - and you just want to BE THERE, with them. As you probably remember from her books, food is an integral part of living in Tuscany. And here, with this book, we get a chance to recreate this at home. The photographs by Steven Rothfield make the book come alive – from the gorgeous kitchen at Bramasole to the many, many appealing dishes and the friends and cooks who have enhanced the Mayes lives.

Mayes writes well – this we know, from her books. When she applies her considerable writing talents to cookbooks, everyone wins. From the beginning, with a complete description of a well-stocked Italian pantry, to the delicious chapters that follow: Antipasti, Primi, Secondi, Contorni, Dolci, and Aperitivi e Digestivi, you’ll find yourself inspired, hungry, and planning your own trip to Italy. And it all starts with the basics of delicious Soffritto. My favorite recipes include Lemon cake (you know I started at the dessert section!), a basil and mint sorbetto, lemon hazelnut gelato, steak, ricotta dishes, several pizzas and risottos, a kale and sausage soup, and an amazing ragu. Of course, these are only the dishes that I’ve been making first. There’s a whole cuisine, beautifully presented and photographed, ready to be eaten. This book is highly recommended – to inspire, cook, and dream.







Review of Frances Mayes new cookbook, Recipes from an Italian Kitchen: The Tuscan Sun Cookbook

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