A Leap in Time

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Do you like time travel? I do, too. And Doctor Who seasons are never long enough. I remember reading time travel books when I was young, and thinking - this is one of the most magical concepts, EVER! Enter a new book penned by Engy Albasel Neville, entitled A Leap in Time. It's a lovely story, filled with small details of life in pre-eruption Pompeii. And while some of my students have reimagined the eruption and times there, I hadn't really thought of life in Pompeii before 79AD. This book offers an intruiging look at how to time travel (through paintings!), the challenges of a cross-time relationship, and the true feelings of a woman who lives in both places. The story is an engaging read, full of romance, best friends in two eras, and how to work in 2 very different places!


A leap in Time


We were lucky enough to catch up with Engy, to find out about her book, inspiration, time travel, paintings, and more. Here's what she had to say...


Engy Albasel


Please tell us about your new book, A Leap in Time...

A Leap In Time is a time travel romance set in modern day Los Angeles and ancient Pompeii during its peak of prosperity. The story is about a young woman, Lexi Carter, and her search for something bigger than herself but still unknown to her. You can say that its a story about self discovery, love and having faith that everything turns out as its meant to.


What inspired you to write this book?

While on our honeymoon about 5 ½ years ago, my husband insisted on a detour through Pompeii (we were driving from Positano to Tuscany). Begrudgingly, I agreed because I really just wanted to get to Tuscany.

Once we got there, I was so glad we went. I felt an immediate magnetic connection to Pompeii. As soon as we got home, I changed the location of the story from England during the Jane Austen era to ancient Pompeii during its peak of prosperity.
The time travel part came to me about 15 years ago while I was still living in Los Angeles. I was working in the entertainment industry and like most gals in their early twenties, I was happily dating with rose colored glasses firmly in place. After a series of meh relationships that left me heartbroken, the idea of time traveling to another world where men were gentlemen and didn't fear commitment came to me. From there, the story took a life of its own.


How did you envision the painting?! That is my very favorite part of the book...

In my mind, the painting is of a beautiful scenic countryside with empty fields of wild flowers for miles. At the front and center of the painting is a massive alder tree next to a creek that snakes parallel to a nearby dirt road. In the far distance to the right of the tree is the city of Pompeii, safely hidden behind a stone wall surrounding the entire city.


Research - what were the challenges of researching history, language, and more for this time travel novel?

Aside from going to Pompeii in person, I read several books, visited the Pompeii exhibit in NYC ,and spent endless hours online researching the lifestyle, clothing, rituals, foods, etc. I wanted a deeper sense of knowledge and appreciation for that time period in Pompeii. Once I felt comfortable with my knowledge about the day-to-day life in Pompeii, the time travel logistics for the story came easy to me.


What's up next for you? PLEASE say a sequel!!

I am working on book #2 in the Travelers series and I have an outline for book #3 and #4.


Is there anything else you'd like to share?

Writing is much more than a hobby for me, its a calling. I feel great joy and euphoric release when I'm immersed in a storyline and I can feel the characters speaking through my keyboard. It's almost magical. While I was writing A Leap In Time, sometimes I would wake up to the banter between Lexi and Marcus happening in my head. Its nuts, a little weird and amazing all rolled into one.



Find A Leap in Time at Amazon http://www.amazon.com/Leap-Time-Engy-Albasel-Neville/dp/1628305975


and find Engy at Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/9802201.Engy_Albasel_Neville



Note: We received a review copy from the author - thank you!