70+ Fun Doctor Who Resources for Road Trips

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Calling all Whovians! If you’re traveling, whether for a road trip or via air, and don’t have a TARDIS handy, don’t worry. You can still get your Doctor Who fix with over 70 great resources we’ve found - fun crafts, apps, printables, snacks, and more. Most are free, all are interesting, and definitely portable for your traveling pleasure. Allons-y!

70+ Fun Doctor Who Resources for Road Trips

For your travel journal, a River Song Journal Cover from BBC

Printables from the BBC site

Coloring page printables from my favorite geek site, Kitchen Overlord

Printable Masks - here's a fun game with masks! On a car trip print the mask YOU want. Cut it out and hold it to your face see what people think when they see a weeping angel, ood, peg doll, smiler, or more driving by!  

Printable character cubes (9 pages of characters!)

9, 10, 11th Doctor Paper Dolls

Doctor Who Decahedron

Just about anything Doctor Who Printable you could think of

Fez and bow tie color page 

Printable Starry Night (Add your own TARDIS)

Excellent Doctor Who Printables and Puzzles

More Doctor Who coloring pages

70+ Fun Doctor Who Resources for Road Trips

Needs wifi

Official Doctor Who Site

Official Doctor Who Youtube Channel

Official Doctor Who tumblr

BBC Doctor Who Games

Doctor Who News - Kasterborous

Chrome Lego builder - can you build a TARDIS?

Doctor Who Theme Songs Remix (thousands of them!)




For serious fans; this Gallifrey Base forum needs registration


Doctor Who episodes on Netflix

Doctor Who Minecraft mod

Doctor Who time travel interactive map

Doctor Who 50th anniversary Google doodle game

Doctor Who drawing tutorials

Epic Doctor Who Soundtrack Playlist


Doctor Who Mazes of Time
Doctor Who News
Cleric Wars
Doctor Who Adventures App
IDW Doctor Who Comics app
Eyestalk app (through the eyes of a Dalek)
I am a Dalek
Doctor Who Legacy
And a plethora of Doctor Who apps at Google Play

70+ Fun Doctor Who Resources for Road Trips


How to make an Adipose Plush Toy

Make a 4th Doctor scarf - great for long car rides! You can knit or crochet it - just get your colors right! Original BBC Scarf Directions

More ideas at: http://www.doctorwhoscarf.com/

Crochet Doctor Who - Saturnyne

Crochet a red fez

Make a felt TARDIS bookmark

Making Doctor Who Characters felt finger puppets - perfect for long waits in airports, or at a restaurant while you’re patiently waiting…

Cute how to make a duct tape bow tie

How to make awesome River Song journal! 

Creepy awesome weeping angel barbie

Doctor Who Companion survival kit

Doctor Who characters knitting & crochet patterns

TARDIS friendship bracelet

Allons-y friendship bracelet

Many Doctor Who Cross stitch patterns, free

All kinds of Doctor Who Fabric for sewing

Many Doctor Who Crafts if you’d like to dress the part for travel (tshirts, accessories, etc.)

70+ Fun Doctor Who Resources for Road Trips


Storyboarding and more with I Am A Dalek. Print before you leave

Doctor Who stories and activities that go along with the stories (as with before, print out before your roadtrip!)

YA Books for the Doctor Who Fan

Doctor Who ebooks on google play (and check your library for free ebooks)

Photonovels (classic Doctor Who in slideshow format)

Who Killed Kennedy Authorized ebook (free)

70+ Fun Doctor Who Resources for Road Trips - edible fez

Edible Fezzes


Count the Doctors Printable

Doctor Who Alphabet Printable

Write your name in circular Gallifreyan

List of Doctor Who Games for computer, gaming systems, and devices

Free Printable Doctor Who Solitaire Story Game (must create a login to download PDFs)

Snacks on the Road

70+ Fun Doctor Who Resources for Road Trips - edible fez

Edible fezzes (Rolos!)

Eat fez-shaped Rolos

Eat Adipose Babies (marshmallows)

Pack a Shakespearean Shooter Sandwich

Kitchen Overlord's Doctor Who Recipes

Edible Sonic Screwdrivers. Recipe: Dip the ends of Long Straight Pretzels into melted white chocolate to make Sonic Screwdrivers for the Road!

70+ Fun Doctor Who Resources for Road Trips - edible sonic screwdrivers

Edible sonic screwdrivers

Before You Go - Gear, Pillows, and Bags

Create your own TARDIS Messenger Bag

11th Doctor Book Bag

k9 Plush Pillow

Enormous amount of Doctor Who stencils for making your own t-shirts, as well as the keys to the TARDIS


There you go! Do you have any suggestions for more?