Photographer of the Month: Raphaële Tolron

by Dr. Jessie Voigts /
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Mar 16, 2016 / 0 comments

Raphaële Tolron, our photographer of the month, has a beautiful, artistic eye. Whether she's capturing landscapes that lead us to dreaming or looking deeply inside someone's eyes, she brings much to a photo. Raphaële simplifies the essence of what she sees, and beautifully conveys that to the viewer. She takes us to places and people near and far, and makes them extraordinarily vibrant. We want to meet the people she sees, travel to the places she shares. That is Raphaële's specialty - take a look...

Photographer of the Month: Isaac Wray

by Ashley Swinton / Jan 15, 2016 / 0 comments

Isaac Wray, a native of Pitt Meadows, British Columbia, has always had a sense of adventure and curiosity but it wasn’t until he was in his mid-teens that he discovered his passion for photography. Now at 20 years old, he shoots weddings, lifestyle, and fashion for a living. When Isaac isn’t spending hours to get the perfect shot, he can be found chasing waters and pretty well anything that will immerse him in the outdoors. It is our pleasure to introduce you to Isaac Wray, our photographer for the month of January. 

Photographer of the Month: Sarah Kierstead

by Ashley Swinton / Dec 15, 2015 / 0 comments

Sarah Kierstead, a native of Fredericton, New Brunswick, discovered her passion for photography only a couple of years ago and at the young age of 19, has proven that she has a eye to capture unique and raw images. She has been traveling around her home province as a lifestyle, portrait, and wedding photographer/filmmaker over the past 10 months professionally - and she wouldn’t have it any other way. With Sarah’s bubbly personality, there is no question that whoever is on the other side of the lens is always made comfortable.

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Aurora season is on!

Aurora season is on!

This is incredible! From Stamnes and Vidbukt, Sortland, Vesterålen, Norway, Oct 2015

Incredible auroras from Stamnes, Sortland, Norway, Oct 2015. Photographer Benny Høynes

Incredible auroras from Stamnes, Sortland, Norway, Oct 2015. Photographer Benny Høynes

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A Lens on Nature: Four Ace Photographers and the Wildlife Refuges They Love

Wait! Think before you aim that camera at a national wildlife refuge. It may be habit-forming. That’s been true for four standout nature photographers – each hooked on prowling a favorite refuge in hopes of locking eyes with a bird or fox, capturing light and color, and probing the mystery of our animal natures.

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The Colorado Sky at Night: San Juan National Park

There's just something magical about the Colorado sky when viewed from the San Juan Mountains. It's more than just the result of elevation lifting you towards the heavens. It's the lack of light pollution, the crispness of the air, the subtle gurgle of a nearby stream and the smell of vanilla wafting from the bark of the Ponderosa pines with their vanilla-butterscotch scent.

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Orlando Artist’s History-Making International Exhibit Comes Home to Orlando

After making history as the first non-Greek Artist in the World to exhibit in the National Archaeological Museum of Greece, Orlando’s own fine art photographer J. Joshua Garrick returns from a two year tour of Europe to OPEN the new HENAO Contemporary Center in Orlando.

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Old Quebec City's Maze of Streets Reveals Crazy, Colorful Painted Doors

We’ve just returned from an Epic Canadian Road Trip, driving from our home in Kalamazoo, Michigan all the way out to St. John’sNewfoundland (yes, a ferry was involved). Why? Well, I’m the co-founder of Writing Walking Women, and we chose St. John’s as the site of our conference this year – MUCH more on that to come!

Photographer of the Month: Ashley Swinton

by Jordan Oram /
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Aug 24, 2015 / 0 comments

Ashley Swinton is an explorer. She’s also a photographer with a great eye and a penchant for sharing her adventures on instagram (@wildfrolicker), where quite a number of people have started to take notice. From her origins on an island off the west coast of Canada, to wanderings around Iceland, Scandinavia, and now trekking around the Rockies, she manages to connect and ground us to the greater world in an intimate and personal way. It’s our pleasure this month to introduce you to the work and words of Ashley Swinton.

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Living in a Painting

Me and the lovely sunset, just a few minutes drive from my home. We are living in a painting up here, in Vesterålen, Norway.

Living in a Painting. Photographer Benny Høynes