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Hidden Treasures: The Camels of Tolkuchka Bazaar

Turkmenistan is a desert country with a population the size of Minnesota (just over five million).  It doesn’t invade its neighbors (though it has a dismal record of oppressing its own citizens), and its leadership doesn’t engage in regular rhetorical lashings of the United States. 

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A Unique Look at Paris

I have the (the!!!) most beautiful book sitting on my desk. It’s about Paris (naturally), and is a completely new look at an ancient, much photographed city – through its bridges, glowing, at night.

The Glow of Paris: The Bridges of Paris at Night. Photographer Gary Zuercher.

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Send a Bit of Winter With These Fine Art Cards

I've been working on a new book project over the past couple of months. I've looked at hundreds of images, all from my ski touring adventures. So with all that snow and beauty on my mind, I created a series of 5x7 greeting cards highlighting some of my favourite photographs.

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Wonderful World of White

You know how you find a photographer, and then click through their ENTIRE Instagram, liking each one? Or heading to their website to discover more? When we find such a creative artist that speaks to us, it’s both a lucky occurrence (finding them in the millions of people online) and a life-enhancing moment. From now on, our lives will be enriched by their talent, view, artistry, and sharing of their worldview.

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Hidden Treasures: The Alleys of the Middle East

If visiting the Middle East, you might want to visit a famous landmark or two -- the Pyramids of Giza and the Temple of Karnak perhaps, or the Western Wall and the Umayyad Mosque. But without a doubt, a trip to the Middle East would be incomplete without a stroll down an alley.

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Hidden Treasures: The People of Petra, Jordan

One of the most famous sites in the Middle East is Petra, a city that the Nabateans carved out of rose-red rock in southern Jordan about 2000 years ago.

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Winter Postcard from Sortland, Northern Norway

Winter scene from a mountain, looking at Sortland, Northern Norway. Photo Benny Høynes
From the mountain last night. My city, Sortland. Taken from mountain «urtind», just a couple of hours walk on the snow from my house. Wonderful, isn`t it? 

Why you Need to Take a Trip with your Best Friends Right Now

by Brianna Krueger /
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Mar 03, 2017 / 0 comments

Ninety-five percent of my vacations have been with my family. Only one has ever been a vacation with my friends. Pretty sad.

It gets sadder that there’s likely never going to be another friends vacation for us. We’re in the stages of life that include careers, engagements, marriage, and babies, which often makes it difficult to arrange time, even weekend getaways, to see each other. Unfortunately, that’s the sad truth of life and growing up. 

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Epic Photos from Northern Norway

A trip around where I live. All pics are under 30 min drive from my home, here in Sortland, Northern Norway.

Tree at Godfjord. Epic Photos from Northern Norway by Benny Høynes
Tree at Godfjord

The mountain Reka. Epic Photos from Northern Norway by Benny Høynes
The mountain Reka

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Photographer of the Month: Curtis Cunningham

Northern British Columbia is a land of mountains and rivers, waterfalls and wonders. The town of Smithers exemplifies the history of the region. From railway expansion across Canada, to mining development, town-building, and agriculture spreading across the Bulkley Valley, it is a slice of humanity surrounded by vast stretches of wilderness.