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How to Write a Travel Novel: A Guide from Experts

Travel is a dream that many find out of reach. If you go on Instagram, it can often feel like everyone is going somewhere amazing. Vacation pictures litter the site, each more fabulous than the last. But the truth is that many people will never have the opportunity to travel to exotic destinations. While 71% of Americans have traveled abroad at some point in their lives, for most Americans, this translates to only one or two international vacations in their entire lifetimes. More than a quarter of Americans have never left the country.

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10 Travel Ideas to Write About

Year round, people to take time off work and take a holiday to rejuvenate themselves–and some may need guidance on how to make their travels more enjoyable. 

As a travel blogger, you need to write captivating content that will give your readers inspiration of what to do during the holidays when they travel. 

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How To Start A Teacher Travel Blog In 4 Easy Steps

Whether you are a traveling teacher, travel during summer vacation, or are on sabbatical, there are experiences you just want to share—whether with your friends, class, colleagues, or maybe even the world. This makes starting a teacher travel blog an amazing and rewarding idea.

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Musing Mediterranean: Cruising

When we first set eyes on the Celebrity Equinox Cruise Ship, the only words I could think to say were, “Holy crap!  This ship is freaking huge.” It was like a small city floating on water.  The adults had all traveled by cruise ship before, but this was by far the largest ship any of us had been on.

Musing Mediterranean: Cruising

Creating a New Outlook on the World with International Experiences

International experiences are very valuable to have, because they give people a chance to learn about the world, and a good way to get those experiences is to work a job that has them. There are countless jobs in the world that provide international experience. Two of those jobs with international experiences that I would consider are travel writing for a magazine, and teaching English as a second language.

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Want to be a travel writer? Read this: Travel Writing 2.0

Whether you're a travel writer and want to up your game, or are interested in learning about becoming a travel writer, I've got the resource for you. Tim Leffel, of Perceptive Travel and Travel Writing 2.0 (read my interview here!), has updated his classic guide to travel writing and brings with it an awareness of this new media landscape we live and work in.

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Travel Writers' Secrets: Top Montreal Travel Tips

Get ready and fasten your seatbelts! We’ve just returned from an Epic Canadian Road Trip, driving from our home in Kalamazoo, Michigan all the way out to St. John’s, Newfoundland (yes, a ferry was involved). Why? Well, I’m the co-founder of Writing Walking Women, and we chose St.

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#WidenYourWorld: Most Influential Travel Bloggers Share the Best of Turkey

I was part of a group of Whi