How To Start A Teacher Travel Blog In 4 Easy Steps

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Whether you are a traveling teacher, travel during summer vacation, or are on sabbatical, there are experiences you just want to share—whether with your friends, class, colleagues, or maybe even the world. This makes starting a teacher travel blog an amazing and rewarding idea.

Contrary to popular belief, it is pretty easy to do, too. Not to mention that after a while, you could net a nice little passive income from it. But be warned, do not expect to make thousands of dollars from your travel blog the first year. Or even the second or third. The hype online is just that—hype.

The truth is, you should start a teacher travel blog because you want to, you feel passionate about it, and you want to share all the great places and moments you experience and have with others. This may reward you monetarily after, as well as save money on travel. However, think of it as a passion project, and see where it goes from there.

So how do you do it? The following can serve as your quick guide to starting a teacher travel blog in just four easy steps. Let’s dive in!

How To Start A Teacher Travel Blog In 4 Easy Steps

Step 1: Think Of A Travel Blog Name

Your blog name is very important, so don’t just use the first one that comes to mind. Finding a good blog name should be a a few day brainstorming session that incorporates your style with your industry/niche keyword. For example, “Wandering Educators” highlights what my blog is about and who it is for.

So how do you find the perfect blog name for your travel website? Think about your target audience, as well as how Google will perceive your blog name. It is essentially your business name, making it that much more important. 

For instance, if you are a teacher traveling the world, your blog name could be “Traveling Teacher” or “Global Classroom” to entice readers...and Google.

Step 2: Check To See If Your Name Is Available Online

Once you pin down a name for your teacher travel blog, you need to make sure you can get a domain name for it via WordPress, as well as ensure it is available across all the social media networks you want to target. For example, you may be surprised that your blog name is already taken.


Step 3: Find A Web Hosting Provider And WordPress Theme

It is now time to get everything in place to launch your new teacher travel blog online. This may seem like a very challenging part of the process, but it actually is quite simple. For example, you can get website hosting for as little as $3 per month with a shared hosting plan. That is the first step, finding an affordable web hosting provider.

Once you found one, ensure they are WordPress compatible, give you a free domain name registration, SSL certificate, and even free domain emails. These emails are important, because they help you look more professional than simply using gmail. 

Once you have your WordPress website paid for and ready to go, you will need to purchase a website theme. This is the part when many bloggers fail. Yes, the free themes on WordPress are good, but to really take ownership and customize your blog, you need to pay for a theme. 

This is pretty affordable, since you can get a blog-ready theme for less than $50. Once you have a theme, you will need to learn how to install a WordPress theme to start developing and designing your teacher travel blog.

Step 4: Write Amazing Content For Your Teacher Travel Blog

With domain name, social media sites, and WordPress website all set up, you may be eager to click “Publish” and release your site to the world. Before you do that, you need to have some content for your readers than just one blog post. This is a very important aspect when starting a blog of any kind.

To ensure you put your best foot forward when launching your teacher travel blog, develop amazing content first. The rule of thumb is about 10 to 20 blogs ready to go prior to publishing your site and indexing it with Google. This will give your new audience plenty of content to read, share, and follow your site or subscribe.

Tip: Social media is key. Make sure you have great, pinnable images for pinterest, and once your content is up, share it widely across your social networks. Be a team player, too—share other teachers' work, and become a resource for readers!

There you go... 

There are a number of great ways to launch a blog. The important thing to remember is to do it for the right reasons. Can you make money blogging about travel? Yes, but it takes years. If you are not loving what you do with your blog, you probably won’t be motivated for years to keep going with it.

What’s your top blogging tip?