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Ireland – the very name conjures up magic. Whether it is all the green, the friendly people, the astounding landscapes, history, chocolate, or the most beautiful drive in the world, Ireland has it all.

Even though it is a relatively small country, Ireland packs a lot of punch. If you’re visiting, you’ll want good information in an easy to access format. If you’re not visiting yet, well, you need a guide that allows you to dream.


DK Eyewitness Travel Ireland


Enter the new DK Eyewitness Travel 2015: Ireland. I love this book. It not only reminds me of our amazing times in Ireland, but makes me want to go back and explore more!

Like all DK Guides, this book is for intelligent travelers that want to learn more about a place – from the history to current culture - and get an inside look at Ireland.


DK eyewitness travel: Ireland


It’s packed full of interesting things to see, do, taste, and learn – and gorgeous photos. Here’s what you can find inside:


DK Eyewitness Travel Ireland



All kinds of maps! County maps, city maps, maps of different areas of the country, maps of buildings and geographical areas (the Burren, Killarney).


map of Trinity College, from DK Eyewitness Travel Ireland

How to find the Book of Kells


map of the Lakes of Killarney, DK Eyewitness Travel Ireland

yep, been rained on, on all those lakes...


map of the Burren, DK Eyewitness Travel Ireland

The only animals we saw in the Burren were people...



Ireland has a long and storied history. Learn more about it in the chapter on the history of Ireland, or throughout the book in regional areas. Learn about how buildings are made, with 3d maps, or how Ireland works (including peat).


Peat and bogs, Ireland. From DK Eyewitness Travel Ireland



Besides what to buy, you’ll learn regional specialties. You’ll also learn how to pay (smaller shops prefer cash), and VAT rules. Side note: if you’re looking for art, might I suggest visiting Cara Turner’s shop, on the Ring of Kerry?)



Whether you want to explore Dublin area by area or by interest (entertainment, shopping, etc.), there’s something for everyone here. Dublin is so much more than bookstores, although we do go there first.


Getting around Dublin. DK Eyewitness Travel Ireland


Where to stay, eat, drink

This is, perhaps, the most useful part of the book. Specific listings with recommendations for all budgets, interests, and ages.



Know what I’m feeling, after reading this? Time to head back to Ireland! Have you been? What's your favorite part?


DK Eyewitness Travel Ireland



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Note: We received a review copy of this book from DK – thank you!