Taking a Virtual Trip to Ireland and Beyond

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Nov 05, 2008 / 2 comments

I was recently asked, “Which Irish travel websites are using the Internet in new ways?” The answer was as close as the “bookmarks” folder on my web browser, and many of my favorites weren’t limited to just Ireland. Here's a peek at a few I'd recommend visiting before you start your trip.



TripFilms is like YouTube for globetrotters. It’s easy to search by destination and the videos veer toward mini-films. That means you won’t get stuck watching stupid pet tricks and spitting babies when what you really want is an insider’s guide to the Emerald Isle.



Looking at online photo albums can get a little tedious, but Peter O’Donnell’s Ireland 360 collection is fun and beautiful. His 360 degree, interactive panoramas put you in the middle of some of Ireland’s most amazing destinations...as well as spots that give a glimpse of everyday life in Ireland.



FREE is a good thing, and the fact that the In Your Pocket family offers free downloads of their guides thrills me. The Belfast and Dublin guides have a reputation for straight-shooting reviews and useful information. __________________________________


Like Wandering Educators, the Irish-American Story Project invites visitors to contribute their stories. The collection grows as more and more folks post their stories of memories, travels and history.



With Hulu.com and iTunes, a lot of shows are available via the internet, but how many are completely in Irish? Yup, the Irish language station TG4 broadcasts their programming free, on-demand and with subtitles. For a teaser try the reality dating show Paisean Faisean or the Irish soap Ros Na Run.


Irish and Celtic music lovers take note, Marc Gunn’s Podcast is loaded with all the music you love. Best of all, he features a lot of independent artists, and the podcast is available for free at his website and on iTunes.


Michele Erdvig and Pat Preston are two separate travel pros who are extremely generous with their Ireland know-how. Their respective sites are chock full of info from their books and travel experiences, but the real treasures are their Q&A forums where the hosts personally answer every query along with their active online community members.


I couldn’t forget to mention my own site, the Irish Fireside. It’s home of the top-ranked Irish Fireside podcast, travel blog and e-newsletter. Consider it your guide to the “real” ireland.


More of my favorite websites can be found at www.irishfireside.com/bestsites


Corey is the Ireland Editor for Wandering Educators. Contact him at [email protected]

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Comments (2)

  • Dr. Jessie Voigts

    15 years 6 months ago

    Corey - thanks so much for sharing these excellent resources!


    Jessie Voigts

    Publisher, wanderingeducators.com

  • Kerry Dexter

    15 years 6 months ago

    TG4 has a good series with irish muscians investigating music from other parts of the world. Muireann Nic Amhlaoibh went to Bulgaria for the show for example. It's in some sort of player I can't open... but I'm working on that. and Ros na Run is always good for my Irish...
    thanks, Corey. going to check out your site, and I invite you to mine, musicroad.blogspot.com

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