Our Scottish Getaway: The Cottage, Inverfarigaig on Loch Ness

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I've got something very special today to share with our Wandering Educators. You'll remember that we're headed to Ireland and Scotland this fall for a month, and that we're sharing our travel resources as we learn and go! We've partnered with Homeaway Holiday Rentals for our accommodations.

Homeaway Holiday Rentals offers the largest selection of rental properties: 210,000+, worldwide, and also the largest selection of traveller reviews, so people can read about past guests' experiences and book direct with more confidence. They have a huge number of properties in Ireland and Scotland specifically, namely 900+ in Ireland, 800+ in Scotland.

There were many reasons we wanted to rent a home instead of staying in a hotel, including more space, privacy, flexibility, the chance to eat in and out, all the benefits of a real 'home' - and also of course the chance to slow down, relax, go at your own pace and enjoy a different kind of experience.

So, we wanted to experience slow travel and living like locals. To that end, we found 2 fantastic properties (both by water, you know we're water people) in Southwest Ireland and near Inverness, Scotland.

The Cottage, Inverfarigaig on Loch Ness

View of the Cottage and Private Beach, from the Pier

Today I'd like to share where we'll be staying on Loch Ness, in Scotland.

I've been to Scotland before, and LOVED it. I felt right at home. I can't wait to get back! When we first started exploring the Homeaway Site to see where we might like to stay, I was immediately drawn to Inverness. And, when we first laid eyes on the The Cottage at Inverfarigaig on Loch Ness, I KNEW it was the place for us. From the gorgeous views to the stunning beaches, this is it. Only a few miles from Inverness, it is quiet enough for us to explore and live like locals. Criteria for selection included internet access, being close to water, kid-friendly, and handicap accessible for me.

The Cottage, Inverfarigaig on Loch Ness

Lovely Modernised Forester's Cottage

When I talked with Turan Ali, who owns The Cottage with his partner, Iain Hay, I was so happy we'd chosen this special place. Turan is very kind and is very eloquent about the beauty of the place - as you will see. We talked about the Cottage, the history of the area, local activities, markets and restaurants, and more. Here's what he had to say...

WE: Please tell us about the Cottage...

TA: Our stunning Loch Ness cottage has two private beaches, one shingle, one rock. It has a real wow factor from the moment you arrive as there are panoramic views up and down Loch Ness from The Cottage and from the garden and beaches. It is a slightly winding route with steps and handrails to get to the beaches.  It is a  beautifully restored two bedroomed cottage with one bedroom upstairs, reached by a quaint winding staircase. We have added free broadband internet access for guests, but as we are too far from the local telephone exchange, this is only possible through a satellite dish subsidised by the Scottish Government. Guest bring their laptops and are fully connected.

From the moment people arrive they are amazed at the beauty and setting of this unique cottage. The cottage has a conservatory from which you can sit and watch the ever-changing loch, sunsets, wildlife and mountains. Two comfortable, well-equipped bedrooms (one twin, one double) also with stunning loch views, ensure people sleep well in the peace and quiet of the private countryside location.

There is loads of car parking space at the cottage for any number of vehicles. Guests are encouraged to help themselves to the rhubarb and cherries in the garden all summer.

The Cottage, Inverfarigaig on Loch Ness

Stunning Views of Loch Ness

WE:  What is the history of the Cottage?

TA: The Cottage was built in 1906 as a forester’s cottage. It is still in a clearing in the Farigaig forest that covers the whole valley and the mountains behind.  In the 1960s an extension was added with an extra bedroom and a bathroom. Before that the cottage would have been a “but n ben”, which had one room downstairs and one roomstairs. We bought The Cottage in 1998 and have totally refurbished it but keeping it in a style appropriate for a cottage of this age.

The Cottage, Inverfarigaig on Loch Ness

Cozy upstairs bedroom

WE:  What is the history of the area?

TA: The Farigaig area, indeed the whole of South Loch Ness has never been highly populated, housing largely families working as foresters in cottages such as this. After the Highland Clearances, General Wade built many roads around Scotland to make the movement of troops easier. The road from Inverfarigaig to Inverness was General Wade’s road and part of it still is.  On Ordnance Survey maps of the area the original road is still marked and you can walk a large part of it still. 

WE:  What activities are available nearby?

TA: Fishing is possible from both of our private beaches. No licence is required but you do have to observe the fishing season dates for brown trout and salmon. The salmon fishing season in Scotland is from early February until late October. The Brown Trout Season is from 15th March until 6th October.  There are endless possibilities for hill walking in all directions and all around Loch Ness. There is an iron age fort at the top of Dun Dheardil, which is one of the mountains behind Inverfarigaig, which translates as Deirdre’s fort, because she was the leader of the community there. Cycling is a joy in the area as there is so little traffic. It is 16 miles to Inverness, which is a lovely cycle on a sunny day, but you’ll need a good lunch in town to give you the strength to cycle back.  Canoes and cycles can be hired in Inverness. There are a selection of boat trips on Loch Ness with Jacobite Cruises which all depart from Inverness or Fort Augustus, which has a wonderful stepped series of 5 locks that allow boats to climb up from Loch Ness to the canal that links to the next loch.

The Cottage, Inverfarigaig on Loch Ness

The View from our Beach

WE:  How did you come to own the  Cottage?

TA: We bought The Cottage in 1998 from Billy Swanson who was a forester for the Forestry Commission until he retired. He and his family had lived there for over 30 years. In the late 1990s we were the only people interested in buying the cottage as it needed a lot of work doing to it. Today there would be huge interest. We were very lucky to get it !  Iain and his  family are from Inverness, so we wanted a place nearby.

The Cottage, Inverfarigaig on Loch Ness

Farmhouse style dining room with views of Loch Ness

WE: Are there markets nearby?

TA: There is a small shop in Foyers (2 miles away) but the main shops are in Inverness (16 miles), which has a huge range of shops and stores, and many supermarkets, one of which is open 24 hours. There is a farmer’s market in the centre of Inverness on the first Saturday of each month. 

The Cottage, Inverfarigaig on Loch Ness

Modern cottage kitchen

WE:  What are your favorite local restaurants and/pubs?

TA: The best local restaurant is also a pub, called The Dores Inn. It is in the village of Dores, which is 8 miles towards Inverness at the mouth of Loch Ness. It was taken over last year and refurbished, and the menu is now a high standard, with lunches and dinners available every day, and afternoon tea every afternoon. The bar is small but the restaurant has 20+ tables, however booking is advisable as it is getting a good local reputation. The other reliably good restaurants are in Inverness on the river, including The Mustard Seed, Nico’s Bistro (at the Glen Mhor Hotel), and The Kitchen.

The Cottage, Inverfarigaig on Loch Ness

View of Loch Ness from the Lounge/Conservatory

WE: Is there anything else you'd like to share with us?

TA: Inverfarigaig is the area of Loch Ness where there have been the most Loch Ness monster reports and sightings.  Most years there are new reports of sightings, occasionally with photographs. There is a pier in Inverfarigaig that is great for monster spotting. Our two beaches are also good vantage points for this, but far better to fish from them, or to build a bonfire and watch the amazing sunsets whilst toasting marshmallows.

The Cottage, Inverfarigaig on Loch Ness

View of Loch Ness from the Window


WE: Thanks so very much, Turan. We can't WAIT to come stay!  Wandering Educators, check back this fall for our feature on our time spent here at the Cottage.


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All photos courtesy and copyright of Turan Ali, The Cottage, Inverfarigaig on Loch Ness

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  • Kerry Dexter

    14 years 1 month ago

    this looks and sounds wonderful. I'd second the recommendations for The Mustard Seed and The Kitchen, and also suggest Hootenanny for live music, and The Eden Court Arts Complex for all sorts of interesting activities -- they are both in Inverness.

    Kerry Dexter

    Music Editor, WanderingEducators.com


  • Beth Whitman

    14 years 1 month ago

    You're gonig for a whole month? I'm so jealous! This looks so amazing - I wanna go!

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