Follow Us to Ireland and Scotland!

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Follow Us to Ireland and Scotland!

We're headed to Ireland and Scotland this fall. And, we're very excited. Scotland is one of my very favorite places in the world. And Ireland? I've not been there yet, but it has been a dream of mine to go for many years.

As parents, we strongly believe it is important for children to discover the world.  Starting this year we plan on having extended stays, with our family, in different parts of the world - and sharing our experiences with our readers.  Not as tourists, but as truly living within a culture, as much as travelers can. Many  people plan on going abroad with their families, but never do because they don't know where to start (or maybe there are too many choices).

What we will do is document the process so your family has a road map to follow on your trip(s) abroad.  We will share every step along the way, pointing out pitfalls to avoid, discoveries, surprises, and opportunities.  We hope this will be a valuable resource that will help, and encourage, your family to discover our world.

We've long been proponents of slow travel, of living like the locals, of getting off the beaten path, of getting to know the people where we travel. Our upcoming trip to Ireland and Scotland will give us a chance to slow down, to live in a place for a little bit, and get to know both the place and the people.




So what can you expect from following us to Ireland and Scotland?

* Planning tips

* Research into location

* Interviews with travel experts about Ireland and Scotland

* Best places to stay

* Travel books and literature about Ireland and Scotland

* Family-friendly things to see and do

* Notes about accessibility

* Ways to save money for travel

* Airline deals we find 

* Ways to save money while traveling

* Best places to eat

* Great local markets

* Fun and unique souvenirs

* Car rental tips

* Stories of local people

* Profiles of local businesses

* Traveling Tales

* A Plethora of travel photos

* Videos of our adventures (follow us on youtube)

* Travel from a kid's perspective - and the best kids books about Ireland and Scotland

* Art, History, Geography, Intercultural, Educational, and Sociology Resources for learning the most about the cultures which we're visiting

* Top Ten lists about all aspects of travel to Ireland and Scotland


Click here to access our Compendium  of Travel Resources on Ireland and Scotland



We've partnered with Homeaway Holiday Rentals to find the best place for our family to live while we're there. Homeaway is a fantastic resource for travelers.  They offer the largest selection of rental properties: 185,000+, worldwide, and also the largest selection of traveller reviews, so people can read about past guests' experiences and book direct with more confidence. The number of properties they offer in Ireland and Scotland specifically is incredible -  namely 900+ in Ireland, 800+ in Scotland.

We've found the PERFECT place for us to stay. We have many criteria for places to stay while we travel. It has to be kid-friendly, as we have a 7-year old daughter. It should be by the water, if possible, since we are Definitely water people (and why NOT? since we'll be on an island!). And, since I have a mobility disability, it should be accessible to my needs. Since we love to explore local markets, a good kitchen is a must. And, since we are working on WanderingEducators while we travel, it should have internet access. We'll share our housing search in a later article. Suffice it to say, our experiences with Homeaway have already been fantastic.



Where we're staying:

An Irish Getaway: Pier Cottage

Our Scottish Getaway: The Cottage at Inverfarigaig on Loch Ness

Glencoe Cottages


Follow us as we plan our trip, learn more about where we'll be going, and experience Ireland and Scotland with us. We're glad you're along for the ride.






Read our interview with Sarah Chambers of 





Read our interview with Bernt Kuhlmann



Photo bag sponsored by Crumpler



Click here for our feature - and video - on Crumpler!



Heritage Ireland Card sponsored by the Ireland Office of Public Works

Heritage Card OPW

Read our feature on the Ireland Heritage Card!



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  • Kerry Dexter

    14 years 2 months ago

    great to hear your plans for this trip are coming along, and looking forward to hearing about your experiences with Homeaway

    count on me as a resource for information on both countries, too, if you'd like.


    Kerry Dexter

    Music Editor,

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