The Must-Have Travel Accessory: XUBÁZ Scarves

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I've got the BEST travel product for our Wandering Educators today! Recently, we were sent several XUBÁZ scarves for review for our upcoming trip to Ireland and Scotland. Well, when we got them, we were just amazed at this incredible travel product - but I've already worn it for NON-travel purposes! XUBÁZ scarves are very creative - they have assorted pockets for money, keys, passports, and more. They have a smart feature - hooks to clip to your clothes, so they don't fly around. They are beautiful - there are a variety of fabrics to choose from. What is more, they are a stylish way to carry important things with you without dealing with them - or worrying about them being stolen. BRILLIANT.


XUBÁZ scarves


We were lucky enough to sit down and chat with Bernt Kuhlmann, creator of XUBÁZ scarves. It's so interesting, digging into the background of such a successful travel and fashion product. Here's what he had to say...



WE: Please tell us about XUBÁZ scarves...

BK: The XUBÁZ Scarf with pockets is a new kind of accessory, that was primarily developed for travelers, and people on the move. But then we realized that our product comes in really handy on other occasions as well. So we have extended our product line, and we now also offer styles where function meets fashion...


XUBÁZ scarves



WE: What was the genesis of your scarves?

BK: I found myself one time too often putting on a jacket over a t-shirt and a pair of jeans, just so I'd have something to keep my wallet, and other small items in. But that's just me... When my wife tried it out, she loved it. Our kids were small then, and since we travel a lot, Cat appreciated the fact that she could hold on to both kids, while maneuvering through the airports, or shopping in a busy mall.


XUBÁZ scarvesXUBÁZ scarves



WE: How have you refined your scarves since the beginning?

BK: XUBÁZ has come a long way. We are selling two basic products now. One - the Cargo II - is a fairly straight forward travel accessory, similar to a travel vest, just a lot more light weight, the other one - the Cotton Voile - is more of a fashion accessory, a real scarf with just two pockets, one on each end, and - of course - our signature, removable straps, so you can clip the Scarf with Pockets to your waistband. Besides that, we are constantly developing new looks. One of our Rock N' Roll Velvets was used by Michael Johns in 2008 during the American Idol tour onstage...


XUBÁZ scarves



WE: Who can wear XUBÁZ scarves?

BK: It works for men and women, old and young. It works for anybody, who would like to be hands-free, without having to wear a bulky jacket, vest or fanny pack. The list is long of course. It includes the elderly, students, trade show attendees, teenagers while clubbing, house wifes while shopping, you name it, it probably fits the bill...


XUBÁZ scarves



WE: What is your travel background? How did you get into this business?

BK: I have been a traveler since I was a kid. I grew up in Switzerland and Austria, but I live in the U.S. since 1979. Less is more, has had a special meaning for me for a long time. As a traveler you always look for ways to simplify the way you get around. I think this is what XUBÁZ is about: It simplifies the way you carry stuff, small stuff, important stuff, and it keeps all that stuff right up front where you can keep an eye on it, or - even better you can wear your XUBÁZ with the pockets facing "in" - now nobody knows you even carry anything of value at all...

I liked the basic business model of selling a product that is relatively inexpensive, new and really useful. My other job is developing resorts, high-end resorts, which can be very rewarding, but the feedback only happens when the resort opens, often years after I have developed the concept for it.

With XUBÁZ I get to talk, or communicate by e-mail with folks who use my products every day. It's great! I have received so much valuable input from customers, who just call me, and say "you know, it would be great if your pockets had more than one button, just so things are more safe...." Now we have two snaps on every pocket of the Cargo II...


XUBÁZ scarves


XUBÁZ scarves



WE: Is there anything else you'd like to share with us?

BK: We will be introducing two additional colors for our Cotton Voiles in the fall, a very beautiful lipstick red, and a soft green. We will also have a third color for our Cargo II.


XUBÁZ scarves





WE: Thanks so very much, Bernt!! We just LOVE XUBÁZ scarves, and highly recommend them to our readers.



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