To Be Free

by Miranda Boyink / Oct 24, 2013 / 0 comments

I love writing. In 2010, my dad told me about a website called Storybird. It is a website where people from all around the world connect to write. I made friends with a lot of the users, but one that really stuck out to me was Deepfried_freak. She was different from the rest.


Then she wrote a story called Tulip Festival, and something clicked in my brain. Michigan, Holland, Tulip Time. She lived in my hometown! So we arranged the details and ended up meeting in real life. It was incredible to sit next to somebody I had only dreamed of meeting. I felt so ecstatic to be there with Deepfried_freak. I was amazed that she was a flesh and blood person just like me, and not some abstract personality of the internet!


Since then, we’ve been collaborating on Storybird, e-mailing each other, and we’ve met again. It is so cool to work with someone I have long admired. I suggested that we write a poem together, and so this was what we came up with!


To Be Free

Ever since the world did start,
Traveling called the adventurous heart.
To come and enjoy what the world had to offer,
To come and discover what's inside the coffer.

Each new day brought several new thrills:
Trekking up mountains or tunneling through hills.
Each new step a new surprise;
Glorious sights for wonder-filled eyes.

I joined the mad rush for this journey;
When nights were late and mornings early.
But it was worth it to live life camping,
Sitting 'round the campfire, singing; dancing.

Every day was action packed,
Searching for history left intact.
Fossils of monsters, dragons and such;
All the knowing we craved was just out of touch.

I was rushing, I was falling.
I was listening to my calling.
But there was something that was missing;
Something I noticed when I was reminiscing.

While I was away, moving out and moving on,
The security and family I was used to were gone.
Instead of surrounded by company, I was alone.
And suddenly I felt exposed, naked to the bone.

Something inside me clicked: I knew what to do.
Adventure was green, but my heart blue.
So I left the great journey, dropped my shoes in the dust,
And went back home. I had had enough wanderlust.

I needed to go back where I had friends
But every road I took led to dead ends
The people I knew just weren't the same
Or maybe it was I that had so much changed

Being back in my hometown was so great and grand:
The blue lake waters and fine yellow sand.
All my friends were there, waiting for me,
Begging to be told what it was like to be free.

"It's thrilling to be out of your own,
To be away from all rules and a hindering home.
But the only place you'll be truly free
Is when you're surrounded by family."






Miranda Boyink is a member of the Youth Travel Blogging Mentorship Program