Powder Days and Stellar Slopes

by Christian DeMichiel / Nov 05, 2013 / 1 comments

As we travel throughout the country in our RV, we always seem to spend our winters in Florida or other warm climate destinations, enjoying endless, sunshine filled days. Snow is never part of the equation. Instead of enjoying cold, snowy days building forts and drinking mugs of steaming hot chocolate filled with handfuls of marshmallows, I am usually making sand castles on the beach and sipping cold glasses of lemonade.


Sand castles


My dad is an avid skier. He has spent many years shredding some of the best slopes in the U.S. This year, he decided he was tired of the beach and ready to get back to the snow-covered mountains. He didn’t want to go back to the Northeast where he grew up, so we headed west in search of powder. We landed in South Lake Tahoe, parked the RV, and rented a cabin to experience the ski season.

I finally was going to get the chance to play in the SNOW!


Snowboarding at Tahoe


I had never tried skiing or snowboarding before in my life, so I was super hyped to test it out. Since I was a pretty good skateboarder, I made snowboarding my sport of choice. My older brother sent me a board as an early Christmas present and I was all set. I was eager to hit the slopes of Heavenly Mountain Ski Resort.

I didn’t have to wait long before the first snow began to fall. Donning my new gear and precious snowboard in hand, I was ready to conquer anything!


Snowboarding Tahoe


I still remember arriving at the mountain that very first day, not knowing what to expect. We jumped on the gondola that took us to the top of Heavenly. The name is fitting because you are up so high it feels like you are in Heaven. The views are incredible!


Snowboarding Tahoe


After taking in the view and working up enough courage to start shredding, we headed toward a Green Run. These are the easiest runs and the best place to start. We headed toward a chair lift, to bring us to the top of that run. We just kept getting higher and higher up the mountain. It took me a few tries, and falls, to successfully mount the lift but I did it! I sat next to my brother and spent most of the climb clutching to the safety bar. Occasionally, I did glance at the breathtaking views below me.


Snowboarding Tahoe


At the top of the run, I sat down in the cold, wet, fluffy, snow to strap my boots into the snowboard. It was show time! Right away, my legs became noodles and my confidence melted faster than ice in the summer sunshine. That beach was sounding good right about then.


Snowboarding Tahoe


I could do it! I followed my Dad’s lead, turned my board downhill, and took off! Oh, the glory. It was fabulous! I was snowboarding, I was flying, I was one with the mountain, I was … smack down in the snow.


Whoops! Snowboarding Tahoe


It was all good though. In fact, it was kind of fun! I dusted myself off and tried again. Each time I completed a run, I felt of rush of accomplishment. It was like nothing I had ever done before! The frigid winter air hit my face with full force. The adrenaline of speeding down the slopes was amazing. I was officially a snowboarder, and I loved it!


Snowboarding Tahoe


It is an escape from reality, like no other. Where else can you ski with the moon?


Skiing with the moon, Tahoe


Or at every turn, see breathtaking views?


Snowboarding Tahoe


Or even just relax with that promised steaming mug of hot chocolate – complete with marshmallows!


snowboarding and hot chocolate - the perfect combination


Now I know why people dream of powder days and stellar slopes. I’m passionate to learn more about this sport! We had so much fun tearing up Heavenly that our family decided to stick around Tahoe for another chance to ski and board in the California sun. I can’t wait for next season so I can tear up the runs and improve my skill. Watch out Sean White, I’m the competition you may be looking for!


Snowboarding Tahoe





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