What Can a Teen Learn from Traveling?

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Until recently, Africa was one of the continents that I hadn’t visited. In January, I finally got to step foot in Africa. We were taking a week long break from Spain and visiting Morocco. We had brilliant plans: sleep in the Sahara Desert, go to a traditional cooking school, visit Marrakech…

In Marrakech we went to the cooking school and were making our way to the Sahara, but our plans suddenly changed. There was a freak snowstorm in the mountains, blocking our way into the vast desert.

Not letting snow dampen our mood, we decided to change plans. Instead of the desert, we went to the beach, to a town called Essaouira. While there, we met the Taylors, a Scottish family of 5 who live in France. It turns out they are taking a year break to travel around in their Campervan and explore the world.

The Taylor family has 3 kids (Adam, Matt, and Katie). I only got to meet Katie and Matt and their mom, Jennifer. Matt and I hit it off immediately - I knew we would be good friends! After spending some time with them, we found out that they would be passing through Spain in a few months' time. We made plans to meet up.


Matt in Morocco. From What Can a Teen Learn from Traveling?

Matt in Morocco


As they came through Spain, Matt and his family did stop by to visit. We had a fantastic time and I was also able to meet his older brother, Adam, and his dad, Neil. We spent a couple of days together, hanging out and having a great time. I thought I’d ask Matt some questions related to travel. I found him interesting and wanted to share the different things people learn when traveling.

Here are some of my questions and his answers:


How long have you been traveling?

We have been travelling for 9 and a half months.


What is your favorite travel experience so far?

My favourite travel experience would be Koh Samui, the island off Thailand, that was beautiful. We were just a few metres away from the warm sea. Sleeping in a bungalow.


Matt in Koh Samui. From What Can a Teen Learn from Traveling?

Matt in Koh Samui


What have you learned from traveling?

I have learnt a lot from travelling, like all the currencies from all the different countries around the world. And that camels put their front legs down first to let someone on their back. Also about the temples in Thailand and a lot in Morocco about camels, the dunes, and the schools, and how poor they were in the south.


How has travel impacted your life?

I have learnt a lot these past months though, and also learnt a few words in different languages. I really enjoyed and I am still enjoying travelling around all the countries. And I'm able to speak a bit of German that I learnt in school in Austria and Germanic countries.



I was excited that he mentioned Koh Samui, as later this year I will be going there. Based on some research, it is a wonderful place to stay because of the soft white sand and crystal clear water. I can’t wait to go!

Those were just a few examples from one person of how travel can change someone’s life. Not everyone will learn the same things, but everyone will learn something. For example, from travel and living abroad for 2 years, I have learned to cope with change (by moving to Spain) and to speak a different language (Spanish).

What have you learned from traveling? Feel free to comment!





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