10 Reasons Why Traveling Is The Best Form of Education

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Life experiences are something you don’t need to study for. Learn as you go and it will help shape you as a person and will teach you to become more independent and be able to think on your feet—a life skill you can’t learn about in a book or on the internet.

10 Reasons Why Traveling Is The Best Form of Education

If you’re thinking of planning a big adventure but still have some doubts, here are a few examples of why travel is the best way to discover the world and discover yourself. 

10 Reasons Why Traveling Is The Best Form of Education

1. Learn About Other Cultures

Travelling will teach you about different cultures. Open your mind to other people's beliefs and traditions; this will help you to find common ground between you and what others believe in. 

It’s exciting finding out about the different ways of life, etiquette, and even local cuisine. You’re bound to discover interests and common ground within your culture. Learning to understand others and respecting their values is a valuable life lesson everyone should know. 

2. Become a History Buff

Sure, you can learn about historic events and historic sites in school, but nothing will beat seeing the landmarks for yourself. Reading about a place or events in a textbook is nothing compared to walking in the footsteps of the forefathers, and seeing the whole story unfold right in front of you. 

Traveling will open your mind to an alternative point of view; hearing about historical events from a different perspective, even from those who are thought to be the opposing side.

Become a history buff! From 10 Reasons Why Traveling Is The Best Form of Education

3. Keep up to Date

At school, you likely learned about history and were not taught about the future or subjects involving forward-thinking.

We are strongly influenced by what we learn in school, and we’re taught to think in a certain way and accept things as they present. By traveling, you'll see things first hand and witness life for yourself and even be at the forefront of change.

4. Learn a Language

By exploring the world, you’ll expand your speaking and listening capabilities. The best way to learn a language is to fully submerge yourself in the country and surround yourself with locals who will help you master the local dialect. 

Living like a local to learn a language is so much better than what you can learn in the classroom.

5. Embrace Independence

If you’ve decided to take the plunge and travel alone, you will very quickly learn to be much more independent. 

Your usual safety net won't be there to book your hostel or find your lost luggage. Therefore you have to take the initiative and control your fate—and in doing this, you grow as a person.

10 Reasons Why Traveling Is The Best Form of Education

6. Be Compassionate 

Travelling teaches compassion by mixing with different races, cultures, and religions; you can see others point of view and often this can challenge your way of thinking and helps to promote understanding. 

Embrace traveling—and by doing this, you will meet so many interesting people that the world begins to feel like home. 

7. Take in Nature 

10 Reasons Why Traveling Is The Best Form of Education
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Once you’ve started traveling and are no longer in your hometown, you’ll begin to learn about the natural wonders of the world. 

Discover animals, plants, and sites that will seem so exotic to someone who has lived their life through a screen. You may not like what you find as you educate yourself on critical issues in the world, such as global warming, deforestation, and pollution of the seas.

8. The unknown and unexpected

Every step you take, you’ll be learning...and it won't always be what you expect. Chances are, you will have to deal with and do new things and new experiences that you would never have learnt in school—that’s a good thing!

By always being on the move, you will adapt and learn how things work wherever you are in the world.

9. Develop your Social Skills

Traveling means you won't be able to avoid talking to people. Inevitably, you’ll develop your social skills with all the face to face interaction you will experience.

You’ll soon forget about all those speeches and presentations that limited you so much in school; you can just be you—and that’s a fabulous feeling.

10. Self-Growth

The most important lesson you’ll learn is about yourself. Traveling teaches you so many things. By pushing yourself further than you could have ever imagined, you will return home feeling capable of anything and ready to take on whatever life throws at you. 

There's little doubt that travel is the most significant educator in life. Why not take the plunge and get on the next flight out...and be ready to learn!