3 Best Adventure Destinations in Israel

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Israel has an incredible diversity of landscapes and cities, and there’s a little bit for everybody. You’ll be happy if you want to stay all day on the sunny beach, and you’ll be equally happy if you’re one for old buildings and fascinating history. But if you’re an adrenaline junkie, you’ll be especially fulfilled, as opportunities for adventureplentiful in Israel. Wake up the Indiana Jones in you and get moving!

1. Golan Heights

The Golan Heights are the mountainous region framing the far north of Israel. It’s actually a huge area where you could easily spend weeks going on adventures. It’s also pretty and completely unexpected if the only images of Israel in your mind are those of the desert. The Golan Heights are green and rolling, a huge plateau, not very populated by humans but home to a whole bunch of wildlife. 

Jeep safaris are easily available for those who want to cover as much of this beautiful area as possible. For hikers, the Golan Trail will certainly fulfill your wildest dreams. From the northest point, close to the Hermon mountain (the country only Ski resort, also a popular destination by hikers and bikers), through pretty kibbutzim and villages that you can explore along the way, and some of Israel’s most beautiful nature reserves and parks including Gamla before ending near the Sea of Galilee.

Trails are well marked out inside the park, although the whole of the Golan Heights is also worth hiking through.

Golan Trail. From 3 Best Adventure Destinations in Israel

2. Netanya

Netanya, by the Mediterranean sea, is everything you would expect of a coastal, touristic, town. Not only is Netanya modern and hosting many cultural events and parties all year long, it’s also a real adventure hub. You can enjoy horse rides on the beach, your hair blowing in the wind, or even try out paragliding.

But what Netanya is the most famous for are the water sports opportunities.

Netanya Beach. From 3 Best Adventure Destinations in Israel

This is, indeed, one of the best surfing spots in the world, hosting some amazing championships. It’s also ideal for sailing, kitesurfing, windsurfing, stand up paddleboard, diving… basically any kind of fun you can have in the water.

And after all of your efforts, drowse on the beach and let the sun warm you up...

Netanya Beach. From 3 Best Adventure Destinations in Israel

3. Judean Desert

Adventure beckons as soon as you enter the unique landscapes of the Judean Desert in the south of Israel. You can explore this unique area by simply driving through with your own car, or by taking a jeep tour. Of course, you can also go for a hike on foot, as many trails are going through the desert. Whatever your choice is, please be careful. It’s easy to get lost in the desert, so bring a lot of water with you, a good map or a good guide.

The most famous points of interests in the Judean Desert are all well worth a drive. 

Mount Sodom, for example, is an interesting hike to the place where the city of Sodom (destroyed by God for its sins) used to stand. The cliffside caves of Qumran are another significant spot where the Dead Sea scrolls were discovered. Finally, Masada and its ancient fortress are also worth a visit.

Mt. Sodom. From 3 Best Adventure Destinations in Israel

Of course, no tour of Israel would be complete without a dip in the Dead Sea, and after walking in the desert dust all day you deserve no less. Give yourself a relaxing mud massage and float on the most buoyant and salty water in the world to get ready for your next adventure.

To be honest, this country is so full of history, breathtaking scenery, and moving religious sites that it was very hard to choose only three. 

If you want to see everything there’s to experience in Israel, and try to understand the diverse religious influence that make this beautiful country so fascinating, make sure you have enough time to really explore the various sites this multicultural piece of land has to offer.