Top 3 Things You Need to Know When Traveling to Israel and Tasting Israeli Wines

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Since biblical times, Israel has been engaged in the manufacture of wine. It is currently the only country in the Middle East to do so commercially and professionally.

Before the modern era—and we are talking about two thousand years ago—wine production in Israel was primarily for religious rites, with quantity being more essential than quality. Because of several military occupations, the industry never entirely took off until the end of the nineteenth century, experiencing ups and downs (and even disappearance) along the way.

One Teacher's Summer Plan: Solo Travelling to Tel Aviv

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When you’re a teacher, you spend the whole school year in the four corners of your classroom with your students. However, when it’s summer, you get the chance to temporarily leave that classroom and explore a new place. 

5 Tel Aviv Landmarks and the History Behind Them

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Israel has much to offer curious visitors - from sacred and holy churches to buoyant city landscapes, there is a plethora of things that will intrigue and satisfy. 

Tel Aviv is one of the many cities in Israel that will amaze you. It’s more than just the country’s financial center and technology hub. It has so much more to offer. The annual MasterCard Global Destination Cities Index once ranked the city as fifth among all the visited cities of the Middle East and Africa in 2012. 

3 Best Adventure Destinations in Israel

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Israel has an incredible diversity of landscapes and cities, and there’s a little bit for everybody. You’ll be happy if you want to stay all day on the sunny beach, and you’ll be equally happy if you’re one for old buildings and fascinating history. But if you’re an adrenaline junkie, you’ll be especially fulfilled, as opportunities for adventureplentiful in Israel. Wake up the Indiana Jones in you and get moving!

Road Trip! Exploring the Best Beaches in Israel

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Beach destination – Israel? YES! You can explore much in Israel, including history, religion, incredible food (keep that one in mind – beachgoers get hungry), national parks and monuments, music, culture, language – but the beaches? They are worth visiting. If you’re ready to road trip in a new place, this is it. Find your car rental in Israel, fill up your tank, get some snacks and hit the road!

Top 5 places to celebrate your Bar Mitzvah In Israel

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A Bar Mitzvah is an integral component and rite of passage for any young Jewish boy - or preferably man. It is the culmination of months - some may argue years - of preparation and a day that most young men will remember and cherish for the rest of their lives. A Bar mitzvah in Israel undeniably provides a young man with the catalyst to form an unbreakable bond with his Jewish heritage while simultaneously making unforgettable memories with his family.