One Teacher's Summer Plan: Solo Travelling to Tel Aviv

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When you’re a teacher, you spend the whole school year in the four corners of your classroom with your students. However, when it’s summer, you get the chance to temporarily leave that classroom and explore a new place. 

Travelling solo has been on the rise and is becoming a trend. According to Professor Constanza Bianchi of QUT Business School, many people opt to travel alone even when they have friends and family they can invite to go with them. Do you like to travel alone, to gather some much needed quiet and thinking time?

The Healthy Holiday Company reports that 65 % of their guests are travelling solo for their health and wellness. Meanwhile, Yahoo Travel Studies notes that 25% of people say that travelling solo allows them to escape from everyday life. 

But where to go? 

Travelling to Tel Aviv alone is an opportunity for you to get your much needed rest. This city is a place packed with museums, bars, and historical places-- great for solo travelers! It’s easy to catch a flight to Israel and start to unwind from the school year.

One Teacher's Summer Plan: Solo Travelling to Tel Aviv

Four top activities in Tel Aviv

1. Visit Museums

One great way to learn the culture of a place is to know its background. Museums and cultural centers are good places to visit when you are travelling solo. They are quiet, peaceful, and educational. Tel Aviv is a city rich in museums, especially history museums. They showcase both the aspects of Jewish and local cultures. You might want to share these cultural experiences with your students when you get back from your journey.
One Teacher's Summer Plan: Solo Travelling to Tel Aviv

2. Take a Cooking Lesson

One of the joys of traveling is discovering something new and interesting. There are plenty of cooking classes in Tel Aviv that focus on Israeli-fusion cuisine. It is worth the expense, since you will be eating the food afterward – and can share your recipes with friends and students at home. 
One Teacher's Summer Plan: Solo Travelling to Tel Aviv

3. Shop

Meeting new people is one of the best things about travelling solo. Whether you want to score some trendy Israeli fashion, or love perusing outdoor markets, Tel Aviv has something for you. You can find ethnic crafts, locally made souvenirs, and more. Visit Nachalat Binyamin, an open air bazaar that pops up twice a week, or Carmel Market, for less expensive items. To follow up on your cooking class, explore the Levinsky Market, or HaTikvah! Prefer flea markets and vintage? Head to Shuk Hapishpishim, in Old Jaffa. Of course, there are excellent shops and boutiques around the city. Go explore!
One Teacher's Summer Plan: Solo Travelling to Tel Aviv

4. Beaches 

Just like other seaside cities in the world, Tel Aviv has the coolest beaches. A solo traveller will feel a sense of freedom looking at the blue sea. You can choose from a plethora of local beaches where you can sit or stroll around. According to Resonance Consultancy, 40% of solo travellers place greater importance on factors such as on how close their hotel is to the beach. The sunsets in Tel Aviv are spectacular – schedule time to catch them every night! 
One Teacher's Summer Plan: Solo Travelling to Tel Aviv


Final Thoughts

Factors you should consider when travelling solo include your budget, safety, and convenience. This is a time for you to reconnect with yourself, after giving your all to your students this year. What will you do first?