Road Trip! Exploring the Best Beaches in Israel

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Beach destination – Israel? YES! You can explore much in Israel, including history, religion, incredible food (keep that one in mind – beachgoers get hungry), national parks and monuments, music, culture, language – but the beaches? They are worth visiting. If you’re ready to road trip in a new place, this is it. Find your car rental in Israel, fill up your tank, get some snacks and hit the road!

Where to start first?

Israel has three seas: the Dead Sea, the Red Sea, the Mediterranean and a lake, the Sea of Galilee (don’t ask - it just is a lake and not a sea). You’ll find urban beaches, teeming with happy beachgoers and more quiet beaches in the north. There are family-friendly beaches, dog-friendly beaches, and beaches that are local favorites. Whether you love a busy, urban beach or a quieter, more rural one, there are plenty for you to choose from. Here are the best:

Road Trip! Exploring the Best Beaches in Israel

Tel Aviv Beaches, Mediterranean

Tel Aviv Beach runs almost 10km, and is actually 13 beaches. Surfers will love Jaffa Beach, which sports large waves on windy days (more on that next). Of particular note is Hilton Beach, near the Hilton hotel in the north of the city – it’s friendly to everyone, including dogs; is a surfing beach (there’s an offshore reef – AND a lighting system to allow for night surfing!); is the main Tel Aviv gay-friendly beach; has bathrooms (!);

and…has a BEACH LIBRARY! What?! I know. The Tel Aviv Beach Library has over 500 books in a portable public library. It is free to use, and you can check out print OR your device (and the free city wifi) to download something to read.  Return your book by 6:30pm.

Note: The Beach Library has been spotted at different beaches each year. Do your research to discover where to go read & swim.

Dog friendly beaches in Tel Aviv. From Road Trip! Exploring the Best Beaches in Israel

Four beaches in Tel Aviv Beach are handicap accessible. These include Tzuk, Northern Tzuk, Metzizim, and Hilton. 

Need inspiration to pick a beach in town?


Jaffa Beach, Mediterranean    

Located in the Port of Jaffa, just south of Tel Aviv, this is a beach that is welcoming to all. It’s family-friendly – there’s a small playground, and shallow wading pools at the sea’s edge because it is located on a bay. On windy days, bring your surfboard! Look for the tower lighthouse, formerly known as the tower of Jaffa Prison. It’s a minaret, and has green lights at night. Also save time for the flea market in Jaffa – it’s a fantastic find!

tower lighthouse, formerly known as the tower of Jaffa Prison. From Road Trip! Exploring the Best Beaches in Israel
Jaffa Beach. From Road Trip! Exploring the Best Beaches in Israel

Beit Yanai Beach, Mediterranean

The cleanest beach in Israel, this is located about 20 minutes from Tel Aviv. Kite surfers love it, dune hikers are happy, and there are plenty of facilities (showers, bathrooms, camping). Run by the Israel Nature and Parks Authority as part of Alexander Stream Hof Bet Yanai National Park, it even has a campground! So if you’ve packed a tent in the trunk of your car, this is the place to go. Imagine the sunrises from your campsite!

Caesarea Beach (Aqueduct Beach), Mediterranean

Beautiful beach plus history? I’m in! Here, you can see an ancient Roman aqueduct (hence the nickname), in a town built by King Herod. Watch for calm days to actually swim - the water can be tricky. The beach is free and very clean – and off the tourist route, so it’s quieter than some.

Caesaria Beach (aqueduct beach). From Road Trip! Exploring the Best Beaches in Israel

Dado Zamir Beach, Mediterranean

Located in Haifa, this popular beach boasts it all – great restaurants, free parking, restrooms along the way, a boardwalk, wifi, and more. In the summer, there are free dances! 

Disability access: on the north end of the beach, there are ramps to the beach, adapted showers and restrooms, and handicap parking spots. (Thank you!) 

Haifa. From Road Trip! Exploring the Best Beaches in Israel

Mineral Beach, Dead Sea

Located off the tourist route of Dead Sea experiences, Mineral Beach is more for locals. It’s located next to Kibbutz Mitzpeh Shalem. Just south of there, you can purchase mud and then hit up Ein Bokek, where the beach is free. Be sure to shower off after your immersion into the Dead Sea and mud extravaganza. 

The Dead Sea. From Road Trip! Exploring the Best Beaches in Israel

Coral Beach, Eilat, Red Sea

The most northern of the planet’s coral reefs is located here, and is a gorgeous sight to behold. A family friendly beach, you can play and snorkel or scuba dive to your heart’s delight. Gear rental is available; there’s also an entrance fee. This is also managed by the Israel Nature and Parks Authority. You’ll find wading pools, bridges over the reef for non-snorkelers, and wildlife lookout points. The diversity of marine life in the water is incredible. Be sure to stop by the Underwater Observatory Marine Park, where you can view life underwater without getting wet.

Miglador Beach, Eilat, Red Sea

A bit further south than Coral Beach, this free beach is a locals’ hangout, offers beautiful snorkeling, as well, and is quieter than Coral Beach. Located just a few kilometers from the border with Egypt, this is also a perfect place to scuba diveNote: the beach is rocky, so bring water shoes.

Ein Gev Beach, Sea of Galilee

Located on the Ein Gev Kibbutz, this is more of an excursion than a day at the beach. Named one of Israel’s top beaches, you’ll find boat rides, restaurants, a train ride to learn about the kibbutz, and more. Located on the eastern shore of the Sea of Galilee, the fresh water beach features gorgeous sunsets and plenty of amenities. Note: to visit this beach, you need to stay at the resort. If you are in the area and want to camp or stay elsewhere, there are plenty of small, rocky beaches along the coastline.

Road Trip! Exploring the Best Beaches in Israel 

Driving tips:

In Israel, drive on the right. Traffic regulations are standard, like you will find in Western Europe. You will find specific driving regulations here. Many highways are toll roads, so bring change, although Highway 6 is an electronic tollway, so the toll bills will be sent to the registered owner. You can have either an international drivers license or your license from your country. Drivers must be 17+. Insurance is required.

Beach tips:

Please know that the waters here can be dangerous. If there are lifeguards present, be alert to their warnings. A sandy beach may drop off into rocky bottom, so be aware when you walk out. Watch for jellyfish in the summer (ouch!). Many beachgoers love to play Matkot, a tennis-type game, so park your belongings a bit further away for safety (and quiet?). Many beaches have entrance fees and/or parking fees.

View from Aqueduct beach. From Road Trip! Exploring the Best Beaches in Israel

Another view of Aqueduct beach in Caesaria. Can you tell I love history? The arch doubles as a sunshade!

Have you visited beaches in Israel? What are your favorites?